Macross Delta Episode #08

Well, looks like both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius will have to use flashbang to blind the Aerial Knights… It doesn’t work as Windermereans are stronger and they can sense faster than humans!

Meanwhile, the rest of Walkure plus Messer Ihlefeld are in a pinch. Speaking of Messer, the Grim Reaper is injured and he’s getting hallucinations and PTSD-like symptoms.

I have a bad feeling that Messer Ihlefeld has Var Syndrome!

Fortunately, they finally met Mikumo Guynemer after visiting the ruins. But you know what, Mikumo and the gang should save their mates soon…

…as Keith Aero Winderemere is about dispose both Hayate and Mirage, once he killed Freyja Wion for being a traitor to the fatherland!

Then again, Lord Roid Brehm stopped Keith’s attacks as he’s somewhat interested on Walkure especially Freyja Wion. Glad that he came to stop this pointless execution!

But come to think of it, I have a feeling that Lord Roid Brehm is gonna play both the Delta Squadron and the Aerial Knights in his hands!

Speaking of Walkure, they make their presence because they required to be bodacious as they can when distracting the Aerial Knights.

In any case, Walkure and Messer rescued Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja. Oh, and the Delta Squadron have arrived to deliver the VF-31 Siegfried to the pilots!

Yeah, Mirage, Hayate, and Messer are ready to go. But then again, I’m worried about Messer Ihlefeld having Var Syndrome.

It turns out, the Grim Reaper is getting sluggish upon hearing Lord Heinz’s singing voice that has no color by the way according to Freyja Wion.

And what about him getting the Var Syndrome?

Well, here’s the answer as Messer Ihlefeld got veins in his face and he’s struggling to resist the syndrome itself.

I wonder if Messer got it previously?

Meanwhile, Freyja Wion encountered a Var-infected NUNS pilot who is about to shoot her.

By the way, this pilot named Larrazabal appeared in last week’s episode and he’s fully succumbed to the Var Syndrome!

But with a little bit of courage and resolve, Freyja Wion let her voice out and serenade Capt. Larrazabal until he snaps out of it!

See, Capt. Larrazabal is back to normal thanks to Freyja’s sweet voice. Now he can return to his family, but Capt. Larrazabal won’t go back yet until the dust has finally settled!

By the way, her voice is reacting to the ruins in the area in which Lord Roid Brehm is itching to study Walkure and its reaction to the ruins.

Also, Hayate Immelman is feeling Freyja Wion’s song that he’s riding with the wind, something that Mirage Farina Jenius couldn’t believe it!

Of course, there are detractors to Freyja’s singing voice as Bogue Con-Vaart couldn’t take it and decided to cut Freyja off!

Too bad though as Hayate Immelman shot Bogue Con-Vaart down, but didn’t go for the kill as Hayate is not accustomed to killing pilots yet.

In any case, Bogue Con-Vaart will live to fight for another day, but I bet that he won’t become stronger!

Now then, looks like Walkure and the Delta Squadron make their retreat out of Voldor because they can’t waste their energy on taking down the Aerial Knights. Also, they want to eat jellyfish ramen back at Ragna!

As for Freyja Wion, she decided to sing and reach out people across the galaxy. A noble cause for a singer like her much like Lynn Minmay, Nekki Basara, and Ranka Lee!

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Macross Delta!

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