Sansha Sanyou Episode #07

Here’s something to start this episode: A bucket of almond jello! Guess who’s gonna eat it all?

Well, it’s none other than Futaba Odagiri as she ate that jello in record time! Of course, there are a few people who challenge her when it comes to eating contests…

Like this boy right there named Hajime Tsuji who doesn’t like Futaba hogging the competition. You know, restaurant owners could just ban Odagiri from competing!

In any case, Hajime-kun challenged Futaba in an eating contest as usual. Unfortunately, seems that Odagiri isn’t in the right mood to challenge a scrub like Hajime Tsuji…

…as she’s just savoring the meal as the chef changed the ingredients this time around. Yeah, there’s no point to stage a contest this time!

Well, there goes Hajime Tsuji as he ran away like a loser! He shouldn’t challenge Futaba Odagiri lightly to be honest!

Meanwhile, here’s an introduction to Hajime’s twin sister Sasame Tsuji.

While she wanted to stop Futaba from competing in eating contest so that her brother Hajime could win, Sasame is somewhat interested in Yoko Nishikawa that she wanted to make friends with Nishikawa!

Well, Yoko-sama did befriend Sasame in the end but that doesn’t stop Hajime’s twin sister from stopping Futaba-san. Then again, I think Sasame already gave up on halting Odagiri’s conquest!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode of Sansha Sanyou. See you next time!

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