Anne Happy Episode #08

Well, looks like Anne Hanakoizumi’s party are in a pinch against a giant Timothy monster who looked like Tippy, except that it’s evil and it’s about to destroy them!

Then again, it’s all just a dream so everyone didn’t die on this episode…

In any case, summer vacation is fast approaching but Kodaira-sensei has other plans as she gave Class 7 a special examination…

…where they’ll gamble their tests scores and either lose it or gain more. By the way, those who got 0 points will have extra classes during summer break!

Of course, given that Anne Hanakoizumi is the unluckiest person in the class, there possibility of going to summer classes is 100%!

Unless, Hanako-chan and her friends went to Timothy to play another game. Sounds like a great idea there!

Basically, all they need to do is to fight various student and win points. Of course, you’ll lose points when you’re defeated!

In any case, it’s gonna be a straight-forward way of earning those test points!

Then again, I take it back as Hanako-san will take on Kodaira-sensei and beating this sadistic teacher would be very difficult!

Fortunately, both Ruri Hibarigaoka and Botan Kumegawa intervened because no one wants Hanakoizumi getting wrecked!

See, both of them are there to protect Hanako-chan even though their homeroom teacher forbid Hibari-chan and Botan not to.

Also, Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda joined the fray, which makes Kodaira-sensei very angry…

…as she goes to her final form that’s so scary, she’ll rip those girls’ asses with her sword!

Behold, Kodaira-sensei’s demon lord form! Yeah, it’s so menacing to look at!

Fortunately, Timothy gave those girls some new clothes which turn them into Valkyries!

Wait, you’re saying that they’re magical girls? I don’t think so…

But in any case, Anne Hanakoizumi and her friends combined their powers to beat the demon lord that is Kodaira-sensei!

Yeah, what an epic way to end this week’s episode!

Just kidding, Kodaira-sensei is just too damn good as the five girls got beaten badly. Lesson learned, never mess Kodaira-sensei!

On the other hand, their scores didn’t go to zero as the girls got 2 points just to get away from the dreaded summer classes. By the way, where’s Timothy?

Oh, so that’s where he end up with after helping Hanako-chan and her friends. Let’s hope that Timothy will be back on the next episode!

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