Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #08

“Wait a minute, you ain’t Lucian!”

Well, I knew this would happen as someone hacked Hideki Nishimura’s Legendary Age account, pose as Lucian just to confuse Ako, sold off all of the items… and delete the character! Goddammit!

Good thing Ako somewhat saw right away that Lucian isn’t Hideki Nishimura, or it could be a dose of another NTR story!

In any case, Nishimura was devastated as all of his efforts on LA went into nothing! Hell, this includes his marriage with Ako-chan!

But don’t worry though as Kyou Goshoin, Akane Segawa, and Yui Saitou are there to help Hideki-kun whatever it takes!

Meanwhile, this is the one who not only hacked Nishimura’s account and deleted Lucian, but he engages in various scams such as real money trade via his website!

Yeah, this guy is truly is a scumbag and I hope he gets punished soon…

Anyways, Hideki Nishimura creates another character named Piroshiki-kun to find his items that were lost.

Then, Piroshiki-kun finds a player named LON who claimed that she has all of Lucian’s items at the cost of real money, something that’s illegal in Legendary Age!

Therefore, both Hideki’s backup character and LON were summoned by Game Master Nyack and they’re about to receive punishment.

But then again, Nyack decided to punished LON or should I say Rontan for not only hacking Nishimura’s account, but engaging in various illegal activities such as RMT scams!

So what would be LON’s punishement perhaps? Well, I have a feeling that the admins will delete his account!

And one more thing, it turns out that the Net Game Club have recreated his website just to set LON up! Yup, LON or Rontan got a taste of his own medicine!

With that said, all’s well that ends well in this week’s episode as GM Nyack restores Lucian to it’s current form!

Well, you know what that means… Time for Lucian to marry Ako again!

Of course, Ako Tamaki won’t consider Luci- I mean Hideki Nishimura as her boyfriend. Maybe in the last four episodes, their real-life relationship will change!

With that said, congratulations of their re-marriage!

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