Mayoiga Episode #09

Continuing from last week’s episode, the bus driver has finally lost his marbles as he dragged Mitsumune, Speedstar, and Masaki to a forbidden path…

That’s right, they went into the tunnel where something strange will happen when they go past it, something that Masaki forbid them to do so!

However, they went past the tunnel and arrived at another lost village that it could be part of Nanakimura. As for the bus driver, he disappeared as he saw his dead daughter Misato again, even though it was the representation of his regrets.

On the other hand, Masaki found a stone sign that says “if you want to go any further, accept Nanaki”. I have a feeling that Reiji wrote it for Masaki, but I wonder why she need to accept Nanaki? Was it the village itself that Masaki needs to accept? Who knows…

In any case, the trio explored this new area but it seems that Masaki split off from Mitsumune and Speed- I mean Hayato.

Honestly, it’s not a good idea to wander off alone ’cause you might not get rescued by someone!

Meanwhile, seems that Hayato is somewhat scared as he saw his dead (and scary) grandmother in the tunnel. Not surprising because it was a representation of his fear as well!

Anyways, it turns out that Hayato has a case of parental abuse where his mother and father force him to do their hobbies and activities like a puppet. If Hayato can’t do such things, they lock him up in the attic where his senile grandmother formerly resides. Yeah, that ain’t good to treat the elderly!

With that said, that’s how Hayato wanted to tell Mitsumune to do as he say, but then again Mitsumune ain’t his puppet because he has a life and not someone else!

Now back to the story as while Mitsumune is searching for Masaki, he bumps into Valkana-san where he also went to the tunnel. By the way, he left Koharun and told her to take care of Hyouketsu no Judgeness.

Well then, it’s time to find Masaki now that Mitsumune has backup!

But then again, they got side-tracked when they encountered monsters that represents their fears and other negative things.

By the way, Valkana tried the physical approach when he encountered this monstrosity made from wood varnish or something. Of course, it doesn’t work as it regenerates itself!

Meanwhile, Mitsumune encountered the penguin again. This time, Tokimune shrank its size but it’s still has that grotesque look!

Anyways, Mitsumune chased the penguin until he disappeared. I don’t know if Mitsumune went into the afterlife or just that he wander around forever!

Lastly, here’s Lion, Maimai, and Nanko as they’re heading towards the tunnel. However, they were attacked by someone else!

Who could that be, perhaps? It’s not Hyouketsu no Judgeness by the way.

It’s none other than Jack, that son of a bitch has returned to kill everyone!

Yeah, he’s ready to shoot that arrow towards the girls’ hearts and you know that they won’t get lovestruck, rather they’ll die on the spot!

However, Jack was stopped by a passerby. Could it be Reiji, perhaps? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    This show just keeps adding unexplained events and it seems like it will be very difficult for it to find its way to a satisfying solution. This week most of the characters didn’t interact at all, they are all just working on their own projects and angst and heading in all different directions. If that keeps going we’ll end up with ten different shows that are only loosely connected because they are all occuring on the same mountain.

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