Kiznaiver Episode #08

Here’s Noriko Sonozaki to start Episode 8 and while she wanted the Kiznaiver project to continue forever, I feel that Nori-chan has some history towards Katsuhira Agata.

Of course, there’s no indication on whether Kacchon has some feelings for Noriko Sonozaki or not. But we’ll find out eventually!

Meanwhile, the Kiznaivers are kid- I mean gathered at the school building to get lectured by Kazunao Yamada on how the project started.

While they got the gist of it from Noriko Sonozaki, what they didn’t know is that the current Kiznaiver project wasn’t the first as the Kizuna committee made previous ones, some of which used adults, orangutans, and even children.

But it end up in failure as the problem lies with connecting positive feelings such as love and friendship, which is harder to grasp and make a connection according Yamada-sensei. Anyways, that’s the end of Kazunao Yamada’s lecture!

Unfortunately, the Kiznaivers can’t go home easily as there’s a typhoon in Sugomori City.

Then again, it’s a good opportunity to stage another mission because the committee wants to!

Of course, the reason why the likes of Mutsumi Urushibara and Kazunao Yamada staged a mission for the Kiznaiver is to see some romantic pairing.

Unfortunately, it’s complicated to pair who’s who within the group as Nico Niyama loves Hajime Tenga, who he’s romantically interested in Chidori Takashiro, who has a one-sided love with her childhood friend Katsuhira Agata. Also, let’s add Noriko Sonozaki into the mix as Kacchon is somewhat attached to her!

On the other hand, there’s that sexual tension between Honoka Maki and Tsuguhito Yuta as the former wasn’t fully-healed with her past scars, despite the Kiznaivers make Honoka smile again.

By the way, Yoshiharu Hisomu has no interest in romance so he’s out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Katsuhira Agata rushed towards Noriko Sonozaki after he rescued her from a falling statue.

By the way, Kacchon left Chidori in favor of Nori-chan, so it’s very unfortunate for Takashiro-san!

Also, seems that something is glowing on Noriko’s nape. I’m feeling that she has the Kiznaiver system installed previously.

And it turns out, I was right about it as Noriko Sonozaki was a previous participant of the Kiznaiver program.

Now, it’ll be a matter of time for Kacchon to learn that he’s part of the program before and he’s related to Nori-chan. Well then, see ya on the next episode!

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