Shinmai Maou no Testament Episode #24

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the extra episode to close this series out as Basara Toujou is about to wake up…

…to see Maria Naruse’s naked loli-succubus body! Oh, and in both angles too because nothing like watching Maria’s bare ass!

Oh, and she just came because she rub her crotch too much. Well, Maria is drying her body off after taking a bath!

Moving onto the school campus where Basacchi and his childhood friend Yuki Nonaka are inside the storage room to get some basketballs.

But you know what, I’m waiting for someone “accidentally” lock the door because I’m expecting for Yuki and Basara to get it on!

I mean, look at Basacchi staring at Yuki’s ass! He knows that he wants it so bad that they got into an accident…

…which led to him pulling up Yuki’s bloomers while grabbing her tits. I feel that she’ll get an orgasm at any moment now!

But nope, they got interrupted by Mio Naruse so there goes Yuki’s sexy time!

You know, it would be nice if Yuki Nonaka got bare and raunchy scenes, but all we got is butt shots instead!

Meanwhile, here’s Chisato Hasegawa to “sexually” comfort Basara Toujou.

But you know what, Hasegawa-sensei already got plenty of fanservice on the first OVA episode (which is Ep. 13 BTW)!

Moving onto the next scene where Maria discusses about Mio’s upcoming birthday.

Since Maria Naruse is involved in this, I have a feeling that something bad will happen to Basara…

…like seeing Mio Naruse in her negligee, waiting to pounce her step-brother at any time!

You know what, it would be better if Maria change the scenery around instead of Mio’s room.

Why not change it into a summer festival. After all, the next season after spring is fast approaching!

By the way, here’s Maria Naruse pretending to be a yakisoba stall owner just to fit the mood. Nice one Maria-chan!

Oh yeah, and let’s add Yuki Nonaka into to the mix for a threesome. I mean, look how Yuki and Mio licking that chocolate banana real good!

But you know what, that was tame. Let’s proceed for the main event!

I mean, look at the girls undressing themselves and offering their bodies to Basara Toujou.

By the way, Maria hypnotized both Yuki and Mio to serve Basacchi sexually!

But let’s start with Yuki Nonaka as she offered her ass for Basara to touch it.

As much as Basara wants Yuki’s booty, he prefers to suck boobies instead!

See, even Issei Hyoudou approves it. Sorry butt lovers out there, especially Vali Lucifer and Albion, but tits reigns supreme!

Let’s not forget about Maria as she’s loving it. Well everyone, I hope you’re enjoyed the last episode of Shinmai Maou no Testament!

But all good things must come to an end as Maria’s hologram machine went kaput and they returned to their home.

Seeing that both Yuki and Mio are embarrassed to have their naked bodies being seen by everyone when they get it on with Basara, they decided to vent their anger at Maria Naruse.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Basara as he’s angry at Maria for screwing him with her mischief. Yup, she deserve a lump in the head!

Well, that’s it for Shinmai Maou no Testament. So while you’re praying for another season of this series, I don’t think it’ll happen in the future because Kadokawa fucked it up. Besides, Highschool DxD is better than Shinmai Maou no Testament.

One more thing, there’s another fanservice-laden anime series called Masou Gakuen HxH, which is based on a light novel by the way, and Production IMS is making the adaptation in Summer 2016. Then again, I’m not gonna watch it unless the anime series is aired uncensored!

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