The Asterisk War Episode #21

Here’s the climax of the Phoenix Festa championship match and while Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld use her fire attack at AR-D…

It doesn’t work for Arlequint’s bulky puppet as Ardy just tanked it, compress Princess Julis’ attack into a ball, and fire it away!

Oh, and while AR-D’s armor is getting those cracks, seems that he doesn’t mind bracing it…

…when Ardy blow the entire stage into a crater! Good thing those barriers are retaining much of the collateral damage, or it would be a catastrophe if they gave in destroy the entire stadium.

Anyways, looks like Princess Julis is about to pass out but she gives Ayato some prana for his Ser-Veresta.

Hmm, I wonder what’s in store for Ayato’s Orge Lux when you have Julis’ energy mixed in?

It turns out, his Ser-Veresta changed its form into a katana which it fits well for Ayato Amagiri. So, what has changed for this upgrade?

Well, lots of it as Ayato Amagiri’s Ser-Veresta can not only slash swiftly because it was shaped into a katana, but he can perform hidden techniques like Ayato’s Moon of Carnage.

And the results speaks for itself as Ayato Amagiri broke AR-D’s badge in a single strike. Well, that was fast!

In any case, Seidoukan Academy’s Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld has finally claimed victory in Phoenix Festa.

Yeah, it’s time to celebrate because they trounced both AR-D and RM-C in the most intensive match ever!

But first, it’s time to receive the trophy from Madiath Mesa. Of course, he won’t tell about the whereabouts of Ayato’s sister Haruka. After all, Madiath has secrets that he can’t tell to everybody!

Well, time to wrap up this episode as Ayato Amagiri received the trophy! See ya next time folks!

Just kidding, there’s still more to come on this week’s episode because nothing like padding out the whole episode by adding semi-relevant information.

Here’s one right here as Wernher escaped after being beaten by Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou.

But then, there’s Eishirou Yabuki who decides that leaving this Grimalkin agent alive is a bad idea.

Therefore, Yabuki kills Wernher by throwing a kunai to his right gut.

Well, that Grimalkin agent goes down like a dog but it seems that it’ll be covered up later, so it seems that Dirk Eberwein didn’t get punished! What an asshole that Tyrant was!

Speaking of the Tyrant himself, Dirk Eberwein got rejected by Ernesta Kuhne in the end.

Not sure it’s because of her pride as an engineer, but it seems that Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto joining forces with the Tyrant would give them a bad reputation.

Also, notice that there’s a 3rd puppet under construction at the background. Then again, it could be AR-D’s spare body should he got destroyed by either by a stronger opponent or via self-destruction.

Meanwhile, there’s RM-C and Camilla Pareto and while they wanted to congratulate Ayato Amagiri, they’re here to see Saya Sasamiya and demanded a rematch as her Lux is stronger than Rimsi’s weapons!

Fortunately, Saya-chan agrees to have a rematch but I don’t think A-1 Pictures would make an episode about it. Sorry Saya Sasamiya.

Finally, here’s Flora Klemm as she’s reunited with Princess Julis. Yeah, it’s such a heartwarming end to this week’s episode!

Also, Kirin Toudou is a-okay but it’ll take time to recover her full strength. But hey, she’ll join Saya-chan on their rematch against Arlequint Academy’s puppets, but then again there’s no time for such things!

In any case, another chapter has concluded on this week’s episode of The Asterisk War. However, there’s still 3 episodes left…

One more thing, here’s Haruka Amagiri suspended in a tank. We don’t know if and where Madiath Mesa kept it somewhere (unless he pretends to deny all of it), but at least Haruka is somewhat alive!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I found this whole episode just a little bit flat. The fight didn’t really offer anything we hadn’t seen before (just slightly bigger explosions and damage to the arena) and everything after just hinted at things that may or may not get resolved by the end of the season. I’m kind of hoping for a great ending but I’m more worried this series is just going to leave us hanging again.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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