Sansha Sanyou Episode #08

Here’s Serina Nishiyama as she’s cuddling kittens at a cat cafe. By the way, Dogakobo animated those cats smoothly so good job there!

Of course, there’s Teru Hayama and this is the time that both of them would square off to see who’s better! Then again, Hayama-san would win over Nishiyama most of the time.

One example of their rivalry is when they visit the theme park called Animal Town, and right off the bat they saw dogs going “woof woof!” and wagging their tails to swoon them over!

See, both Serina and Teru got hooked by those cute puppies that they want to take a picture of them!

Then again, both Nishiyama and Hayama don’t want to be beaten by the other as they take their shots, while Futaba Odagiri and Asako Kondou looks at them from a distance.

By the way, both Serina and Teru got a tie but the latter rage-quit afterwards because she can’t stand Nishiyama!

Meanwhile, here’s something you should run away when you encounter Teru’s sister Kou: Her dreadful singing!

I don’t know if this was intentional (most likely it is), but I feel that Asuka Nishi’s singing voice is somewhat decent.

But anyways, Kou’s out-of-tone singing almost sends Yoko Nishikawa to the afterlife.

Good thing both Futaba-chan and Teru managed to wake her up! Well, that’s about it for this week’s episode…

One more thing, it seems that Asako Kondou might be a troll or a bitch in sheep’s clothing after making tactless remarks on the trio. In any case, they should be careful!

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