Hundred Episode #09

Well, looks like Claire Harvey and Hayato Kisaragi managed to arrived in time to face the Hunters. Unfortunately, the battle takes place in the rain.

This means that the enemy has a slight advantage against the Slayers. Yeah, sucks that Claire got beaten by them!

Fortunately, there’s Hayato Kisaragi saving the day because he’s a Variant!

On the other hand, seems that Hayato is seeing memories of the Hunters as he clash swords with them.

It turns out that Krovanh, Nesat, and Nakri Olfred were once child slaves before escaping their captors and wander into the desert.

Of course, they didn’t die after getting away from kidnappers…

…as Krovanh, Nesat, and Nakri received help from Vitaly Tynyanov, who gave them the Savage virus in order to turn them into Variants.

Then again, Vitaly will just dump those Hunters regardless of the results!

Anyways, let’s go back to the main story where Hayato unleash his full-body armament and stomped Krovanh with a single blow.

As for Nakri and Nesat, both of the Hunters were apprehended by Emile Crossford and the rest of the Slayer.

Well then, game over for the Hunters ladies and gentlemen and so much for the rain advantage! However, this episode ain’t over…

That’s because there’s a Savage running amok in the area and destroying everything in its path, including the military bases stationed in Tian Quan City.

By the way, this Savage can’t be defeated easily by bombarding it with lasers. So, there’s only one way to do it.

And that’s turning Claire Harvey into a Variant via a kiss from Hayato Kisaragi. Also, did you know that it was Claire’s first kiss?

So apart from Emile getting angry at Hayato for cheating even though he’s actually a girl, looks like Claire has powered up quite a bit!

In fact, her power levels have skyrocketed that her laser blast becomes stronger.

Combined with various laser attacks from other Slayers like Emile Crossford, it shattered the Savage’s barrier which leaves it open for Hayato to deliver the final blow!

Well then, it’s game over for this Savage as Hayato Kisaragi destroyed it right to its core!

For the Hunters, they were arrested and was taken custody by Judar Harvey. I have a bad feeling that he’ll do something bad!

As for Hayato, he’s fine after getting a CPR from Emile so it seems that Kisaragi-kun will fight for another day.

Not like they’ll suspect them of being gay because as we all know, Emile Crossford is actually a girl named Emilia Hammett (or Gudenberg according to Claudia Loetty) so it’s very much normal!

One last thing, here’s Vitaly Tynyanov as she doesn’t care of getting the Olfred siblings back. See, I told you that Vitaly would abandon those Hunters!

So with that said, her next plan could pose an even more dangerous threat to Little Garden on the next episode!

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