Kuromukuro Episode #08

Here’s Mika Ogino and apart from her cute ass, there are posters of Tari Tari which is one of the best works they made! Also, she told Yukina’s mother that Yukina wasn’t staying at her place.

But guess again though as Yukina Shirahane is hiding at her friend’s house. Gotta say that Mika-chan is a liar but she should have told Yukina to stay put because she left Ogino’s house to find Kurowashi Castle!

Meanwhile, here’s something that’ll surprise you as Ryouto Akagi and Jundai Kayahara are alive and kicking, instead of being killed off or being abducted by Efidolg and turn into soldiers. Then again, seems that Kayahara will drag Akagi again and head towards danger again because Jundai wants to have more footage of aliens and mechas, which would not only put both of them at risk but the whole world.

You know what, would it be nice if both Ryouto and Jundai died there instead of cheating death, because they’re fucking idiots who can’t do anything but causing trouble!

Now back to the main story for this week’s episode as Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma rushes towards the castle ruins that once house the Washiba Clan.

By the way, he borrowed a horse instead of calling his mechanical steed. Bring it back once you’re done, Ken-chan!

Anyways, Yukina-chan is at the Kurowashi Castle ruins and it seems that exploring it was a bad idea.

Remember what happened to her father Takehito after finding demons? He disappeared!

And speaking of disappearance, Yukina Shirahane is gonna get abducted by one of Efidolg’s Cactus robots. Why they called these small demons as cactus? Because those robots has spikes surrounding its body!

But enough lame jokes, Yukina-chan is in trouble!

However, she was rescued when someone killed this Cactus robot by offing its head. By the way, it’s not Kennosuke who rescued Yukina…

But this mysterious person who has a watch similar to Takehito Shirahane. We don’t know whether this person is Yukina’s father or not, but at least Yukina Shirahane is safe.

Now the only thing we need to know is whether this mysterious savior abducted Yukina or leave her alone. But in any case, I’ll see you next week ’cause Efidolg has send another demon to fight!

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