Macross Delta Episode #09

Well, here’s Messer Ihlefeld and while it’s confirmed that he has Var Syndrome, it was revealed that he got the syndrome 2 years ago when Messer was stationed at the planet Alfheim.

He’s one of those survivors after the planet was attacked, but the fact that Messer has Var Syndrome way longer prior to this series is very horrifying.

However, the syndrome was kept in check by one of Walkure’s songs named “Axia” as Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius found out, which was sung by Kaname Buccaneer prior to Mikumo Guynemer’s arrival as the center.

That song saved Messer’s life and he kept it as a memento. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Messer Ihlefeld has feelings for Kaname Buccaneer as he’s just dense to notice it coupled with the Var Syndrome!

Speaking of Kaname Buccaneer, it was revealed that not only Walkure held auditions just to find people with fold receptors, but Kaname was once an solo idol before calling it quits. Of course, Kaname joined Walkure after learning that she has fold receptors to her body.

But you know what, will it be better if the New United Nations or any private firm make artificial fold receptors and install to various humanoid beings en masses, even though it’ll be inhumane to do so. But think of this way, having fold receptors installed to their bodies will not be affected by the Var Syndrome in the first place.

Anyways, moving onto the next scene where the Aerial Knights invaded the planet Ragna. Yeah, knocking at the Delta Squadron’s headquarters will surely get them killed except for Keith Aero Windermere!

On the other hand, Messer Ihlefeld went to the battlefield as if he’s okay. Of course, Messer isn’t okay because he’s still suppressing the Var Syndrome even though Heinz Nerich Windermere didn’t sing on this episode.

Fortunately, Walkure is there to suppress the Var Syndrome should Messer goes berserk, which is bad because he’ll shot down the whole Delta Squadron and possibly the Aerial Knights all by himself.

But you know what, Kaname Buccaneer snapped Messer Ihlefeld out of the syndrome not just because of her singing, but Kaname cares about Messer even though her feelings won’t get noticed!

In any case, Messer Ihlefeld recovered from the Var Syndrome for now. As for the Aerial Knights, they retreated because they found a Protoculture ruins there where Walkure supposed to get a reaction after singing their hearts out.

While I have a bad feeling that the Aerial Knights will make a massive invasion of planet Ragna in the future, I hope that it won’t happen!

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode.

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