Kuromukuro Episode #09

Gotta say, I knew damn well that Yukina Shirahane will be abducted by that mysterious person who wears Takehito’s watch.

Also, seems that Yukina stumbled upon her father’s notes which was stained in blood.

Unfortunately, her time rummaging into her father’s diary ends when her mysterious savior appears to knock her out, and tell her that Takehito Shirahane is no more and what she saw is nothing but a dream!

Then again, Yukina would just vaguely remember it once she woke up somewhere. Also, I feel that this mysterious person happened to be Takehito Shirahane.

Meanwhile, here’s Jundai Kayahara and Ryouto Akagi going off towards danger again after they cheated death and returned in last week’s episode.

While they’re here to find Yukina Shirahane, I think it’s best for the UN Forces to do the searching instead of these two guys!

Also, seems that Ryouto found Kennosuke’s stolen horse which means that Yukina-chan is nearby!

Wish that they returned the horse to its rightful owner…

Oh look, there she is lying at the bus stop! Don’t know how did that mysterious savior managed to put her there, but I’m glad that Yukina-chan is safe!

Anyways, looks like Yukina woke up as if she’s having a bad dream! Well actually, it was half dream and half reality when Yukina saw that savior wearing her father’s watch!

In any case, Ryouto-kun found Yukina first even though Jundai saw her with his camera lens.

However, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma managed to find Yukina Shirahane and decided to grab her hand and come back home.

Sure that Ryouto Akagi found Yukina-chan first, but too bad for him as Akagi is pitted up against a samurai!

And look, Ryouto is no match for Ken-chan because he’s trained to defend his master with all his might!

Anyways, the United Nations Forces managed to get both Kennosuke and Yukina back to the Kurobe Laboratory, all while Jundai Kayahara and Ryouto Akagi were apprehended not just for their safety but to safeguard government secrets regarding extraterrestrials.

One more thing, seems that Yukina Shirahane decided not to run away anymore and accompany Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma on piloting the Kuromukuro mecha. Well, I have to say that she’s not gonna be a whiny brat just like Shinji Ikari!

Well then, time for both Kennosuke and Yukina to sortie and defeat those demons from Efidolg!

While they’re now wearing skin-tight pilot suits which protects them from impalement and other injuries…

…seems that the UN launched Kuromukuro too much that the mass driver at the Kurobe Laboratory got wrecked.

Looks like the GAUS mechas won’t be launching anytime soon.

Let’s move onto the main part of this episode as Kennosuke and Yukina will have to defeat this commander demon as well as those grunts too!

However, Efidolg has other plans…

Since Earth can’t agree on whether to surrender Kuromukuro or keep it, Efidolg decides to use the tractor beam and forcefully get their mecha back.

By the way, Glongur or Kuromukuro has both Kennosuke and Yukina inside, so it would be a bad idea if they return to Earth as enemies!

Meanwhile, those two guys are back again! Seriously, I think the UN shouldn’t tolerate both Ryouto Akagi and Jundai Kayahara ’cause they’ll do more harm when going to the battlefield and streaming it!

Speaking of the United Nations, they attacked the demons with missiles in order to break Kuromukuro free.

It works by the way because the demons couldn’t use their gravity barrier when being hauled by a tractor beam!

So while Kuromukuro is falling down together with the enemy, looks like one stray missile is heading straight towards Akagi and Kayahara.

Well, I have to say that they should have stayed home…

That’s because they got hit by a missile! Fortunately though, both Ryouto and Jundai survived yet again!

Those dumbasses should have gone KABOOM so we can all rejoice, but Akagi and Kayahara cheated death once more!

Anyways, time for Kennosuke and Yukina to finish the enemy off! By the way, they almost destroyed the nearby dam.

Also, the GAUS geo-frames already sortied and destroyed the grunts with their explosive spear.

Looks like the town is safe yet again but what about the pilot of the commander demon?

Well, this guy decides to surrender instead of blowing up his mecha like Hedo. I mean, it would be a disaster if he self-destruct his Oni and destroy the dam!

Now then, I wonder what’s in store for this guy on the next episode?

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