Big Order Episode #08

Well, seems that we have a reverse pentagram on this week’s episode of Big Order. It turns out that Gennai Hoshimiya wanted to summon the devil by killing all shrine priestesses (which includes Kamimusubi) and use both Eiji and Sena’s life to open the gates of Hell and destroy the world!

Then again, I would be wrong about Gennai’s true plans so I have to wait for the final episode. But you know what, I think this series will leave me hanging!

Meanwhile, here’s Rin Kurenai and Sena Hoshimiya as they stayed at Osaka to enjoy fine dining.

What can I say, this one is pretty relevant to the plot and it’s better than watching the rest!

Anyways, Sena Hoshimiya met her father Gennai who was supposedly dead, but it’s clear that he’s alive!

Oh yeah, Sena wants to tell the whole world that Gennai is the one who destroyed the world, but then again Gennai controls his daughter so it doesn’t work. Now everyone hates Eiji because of her plan backfire!

Speaking of Eiji Hoshimiya, he’s here to rescue his dear sister. However…

Seems that Gennai has other plans as he ordered Jubei Yagyu to cut his son’s limbs. Yeah, this is how Gennai treats his son!

On the other hand, Jubei has decided to stay and finish Eiji off while his boss Gennai retreats together with Sena-chan.

Great, now Gennai Hoshimiya is getting away to carry out his grandest scheme!

Not until Eiji uses his sta- I mean his Order to put his limbs back together as well as forcing an Order user to summon countless demons. Now that’s what I call sheer willpower!

And look, he give Jubei a punch to the face for not only interfering on his rescue, but also for Kamimusubi’s death!

Too bad that Jubei Yagyu will run away again as Eiji Hoshimiya passes out…

Luckily, Yoshitsune Hiiragi and the Group of Ten managed to rescue Eiji, but they handcuffed him as the Group of Ten doesn’t want Eiji to go outside and face the mob.

Also, Hiiragi and the rest of Dazaifu City will go for an all-out attack against Gennai Hoshimiya without him! So wait, Eiji will be left alone inside the bunker?

Nah, he has Iyo at his side… and she wants to have Eiji’s baby right here, right now!

Well, two episodes to go everyone. Fuck, I don’t care what happens to Big Order anymore!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Haven’t had the chance to watch this episode yet but I agree with your final point. I don’t care what happens in the story or to any of the characters because they keep undoing everything or undermining the audience’s certainty in events. All that has led to is the certainty that anything can happen and nothing matters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

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