Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #08

Well everyone, I wanted to learn more about Biba Amatori ever since he arrived at Shitori Station together with the Liberators.

However, his homecoming party got interrupted by the Kabane so it’s up to Biba and the rest of the Liberators to kill them!

Let’s start first with the frontline soldiers led by this guy riding a motorcycle.

That’s right, who needs horses when this anime series have steam-powered motorcycles!

Also, this Kabane got perished by the Liberators not just because of their equipment, but their relentless tactics too.

Meanwhile, Biba Amatori has engaged with the enemy and you’ll notice that his sword is infused with Kabane veins.

Also, seems that he’s not riding a motorcycle which is a shame really!

Finally, there’s Horobi who is also a Kabaneri just like Mumei. Not only that, she has a Kabane-infused katana just like Kurusu and Biba!

Combined with her Kabaneri abilities and the sword, Horobi is a force to be reckoned with as she slay this Kabane by stabbing its heart.

By the way, Horobi got some help from Mumei but in any case, the Liberators already got it covered as they kill 7 Kabane hordes just to keep those civilians safe!

Of course, there’s one person who doesn’t like Biba-sama. That’s right, it’s Enoku and he’s about to assassinate Biba Amatori for dismissing him!

Unfortunately for Enoku, what he got was a stab to the chest by his former master. Not only that, seems that Biba enjoyed killing Enoku because he’s weak!

Meanwhile, Ikoma saw how Biba murdered Enoku and he firmly believes that the leader of the Liberators is a dangerous man!

Speaking of dangerous, there’s more than just having beliefs the the strong will survive, as it turns out that Biba Amatori is responsible for turning Mumei into a Kabaneri by injecting her with Kabane blood. And how did he get that if you may ask?

Well, his iron train houses a large Kabane core as well as countless Kabanes all caged up. All I can say, Biba-sama is not a trustworthy man. As for Mumei, she couldn’t leave him right away even though Mumei is somewhat believing to her brother’s lies.

With that said, looks like Ayame-sama and the Kotetsujou crew are facing even more danger when you have Biba Amatori and the Liberators leading the way towards Kongoukaku. Hell, Ayame-sama almost gave the master key to Biba-sama if it wasn’t for Yukina switching it!

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