Mayoiga Episode #10

Woah Mitsumune, I thought that you’re dead after disappearing from last week’s episode. Then again, I feel that he went to the afterlife!

Oh look, it’s Mitsumune’s father embracing his son. Then again, it could be one of Mitsumune’s hallucinations!

Back in Nanakimura, seems that most of the tour participants are just chilling out even though they’re going to hunt down Masaki, where she’s currently missing at the moment after separating with Mitsumune and Hayato!

One thing to notice is that Dahara-san is smoking which Koharun didn’t like. Also, some of the participants are acting strange like Piitan getting tired of Manbe’s nice guy antics, Nyanta and Jigoku no Gouka losing motivation, etc.

Of course, there’s one person who doesn’t like seeing everyone lazing around. Yes, I’m talking about Mikage as he decides to walk out and do the hunt by himself!

Going back to Mitsumune where he’ll meet someone at the rooftop. I wonder who called Mitsumune?

Wait, isn’t that Yottsun? What the fuck does this bastard doing here!? I mean, he supposedly be dead after seeing his body down the river back in Episode 3!

Anyways, it turns out that Yottsun’s advances towards Masaki was interrupted when he saw two Buddhist priests. Also, he was saved by God for some odd reason after falling off a cliff somewhere!

By the way, this is God that Yottsun referred to. Actually, his name is Haruomi Kamiyama who knows about Nanakimura as he’s one of the few person to set foot on the lost village and live to tell the tale. Wait, so it seems that it wasn’t the afterlife after all!

Anyways, Kamiyama-sensei was mocked by his colleagues regarding his finding about the village and the people experiencing psychological trauma upon going there. Everyone thought that he was crazy!

However, it soon turn out to be a reality as Kamiyama-sensei encountered the monster that represents his regrets and failures was called Nanaki. He was so close on finding out the village’s secrets, but Haruomi Kamiyama was transported back into the city’s outskirts before getting his chances.

By the way, did you know that Kamiyama-sensei’s appearance is actually quite a looker. However, it seems that he got older after losing Nanaki.

Now back to Nanakimura as Hayato and Valkana are still finding Mitsumune, despite the fact that he was alive somewhere together with Yottsun and Kamiyama-sensei.

Also, would it be better if they search for Masaki instead of arguing? I guess they’re losing their shit!

Meanwhile, here’s Lion, Maimai, and Nanko as they go deeper within the village as usual.

By the way, I would like to tell you that Lion was part of a cult religion and was misused by her parents to dupe people. Personally, I don’t think she has any powers to see dead people nor dispel evil spirits.

Also joining the party is Reiji where he saved the girls from Jack. Also, he’s one of the few people who knows the village very much.

Anyways, this is Nanakimura as seen from the mountain cliff from above, and it’s changing shape according to Reiji as staying at the village will cause more pain and suffering.

It turns out that Nanaki is connected to a person’s soul and emotions. Losing Nanaki means that you’re losing yourself, which is another way of a slow and painful death. Now then, I wonder if accepting Nanaki would not only save themselves but to get out of the village in one piece?

Lastly, here’s Jack after being punched by Reiji on last week’s episode. Now, it seems that he welcomed Hyouketsu no Judgeness as Jack has no grudge on him anymore!

Just kidding, Jack still hates Hyouketsu no Judgeness for messing up his name!

Also, seems that Hyouketsu no Judgeness is calling his boss because he’s scared of Jack, but I wonder who’s his boss?

Oh wait, isn’t that Koharun? Then again, I wonder what she’s planning to do at this point? I guess we’ll never know…

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode! One more thing, most the the tour participants are losing their motivation and energy to live!

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2 Responses to Mayoiga Episode #10

  1. Karandi says:

    That’s one way they could end the show. All the tour participants could just go to sleep and never be heard from again.

  2. YahariBento says:

    This is just assumption. It’s like another world that was created from negative emotions of humans or original nanaki villagers. I don’t know what exactly happened about this village. But I suspect time in village was frozen (vegetables in the garden still are fine and no any glass.) I watched corpse part, silent hill too much so this is my assumption because mayoiga and them are similar in some way. I can say this village is not the place for living being (no any animals in the forest either).

    I suspect villagers near this nanaki village were consumed by Nanaki already since they lived longer that reiji guy. But I think Reiji will be next.

    Lion sensed something wrong about Reiji but she is not sure what it is. But we know she can sense who will die soon. So I will guess she can sense the quantity of life force within humans. Reiji lived near Nanaki village longer than Mitsumune’s group but not at “the center of village” so his life force was absorbing slowly. Maybe this is what Lion sensed about him but she never see someone like him before so she doesn’t understand well.

    I suspect people in tour group who still live in nanaki village was absorbing their life force faster.

    It’s like Nepenthes plants that has traps contained fluid to pull bugs fall into its trap. When bugs fell into the trap, they can’t escape, the fluid inside the trap will melt bugs. The lower part of trap contains glands which absorb nutrients from captured prey.

    What I suspect more is ordinary villagers near Nanaki are all vanished completely because they are absorbed by it (no even corpses to be seen). If Reiji and Mitsumun’s group still live in or near Nanaki, their fate will be the same as ordinary villagers too.

    ps. sorry for my poor eng.

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