High School Fleet Episode #09

Well everyone, Mafuyu Munetani will take care of the Hiei and its crew. However, seems that Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingelner Friedeburg is worried about the Admiral Graf Spee crew, especially the captain of that ship.

But you know what, Capt. Akeno Misaki and the Harekaze crew will save Mi-chan’s comrades since Dr. Minami Kaburagi already developed the antidote!

Look at them, they’re ready to rescue the Admiral Graf Spee crew… swashbuckling-style! Let the rescue operation begin!

So first off, Mashiro Munetani will take over as the captain of the Harekaze since Mike and her party will do the raid.

On the other hand, having Shiro-chan as the captain also includes her string of misfortune!

Good thing the Harekaze wasn’t sunk so thank goodness for that. I’ll blame the RNG if the ship got heavy damage!

Meanwhile, Mike-chan and the raid party are heading towards the Admiral Graf Spee, and cure all the crew members even it if means doing it by force!

Speaking of forcefully giving them the cure, Machiko “Macchi” Noma leads the attack as she sprays the Admiral Graf Spee crew with seawater!

It’s effective of knocking them down so that Dr. Kaburagi can administer the crew members with her vaccine.

Meanwhile, seems that it’s Kaede Marikouji to show her stuff as the raid party are getting closer to the bridge.

Oh, and as these girls who got infected with the hate virus? They have no chance when Kaede-chan gets serious!

See, her nanigata training paid off as she knocked down three crew members with a single strike!

Also, let’s not forget about Dr. Minami Kaburagi as she injects the antidote to the butt. It’s more effective than injecting it to the arm.

Well then, Capt. Misaki’s raid party will arrived at the bridge area shortly and face the captain!

By the way, the captain of the Admiral Graf Spee is Thea Kreutzer and the only way to stop its crew members from going berserk is to aim at the carrier!

Fortunately, Capt. Kreutzer poses no threat as Deputy Capt. Friedeburg hugged her tightly so that Dr. Kaburagi can administer the antidote. Easy as pie!

Everyone, the coast is clear as the crew members aboard the cruiser Admiral Graf Spee is fully-healed!

But wait, it won’t be a complete success if the rodent wasn’t caught, right?

Well, Isoroku took care of that virus-carrying mouse so it’s all good!

Anyways, Capt. Kreutzer gave her thanks to Capt. Misaki for saving her crew. Unfortunately, seems that this would be the last time that both captains will see together, as their respective warships go to their separate ways.

By the way, Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingelner Friedeburg will return to Admiral Graf Spee as a deputy captain so it’s sad to see Mi-chan go!

Yeah, Kouko Nosa will miss Mi-chan as both of them love watching gangster movies! We’ll gonna miss Wilhelmina B. I. Friedeburg!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week… However, seems that the Harekaze is so badly damaged that they need to repair the ship fast, as the crew might encounter the Musashi again if they’re unlucky!

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