Kiznaiver Episode #09

Well, seems that Chidori Takashiro can’t do anything but stand there. Honestly, I think she needs a lot of courage to love Katsuhira Agata, but it’s too late now because Kacchon chose Noriko Sonozaki!

Meanwhile, seems that Kacchon is starting to remember that he was once part of the Kiznaiver program together with Nori-chan.

But wait, there should be a scar in his other wrist. Unfortunately, Katsuhira’s scar is located somewhere closer to his heart…

And I mean literally close to his heart. Yes, he has a scar to his chest and it glows when Kacchon is connected to Nori-chan.

But hey, seems that Katsuhira Agata is starting to shed tears. Maybe connecting with Noriko Sonozaki wasn’t bad after all!

Nah, I think it’ll be a bad idea when you have Chidori Takashiro getting jealous that Kacchon hugged Nori-chan.

In any case, Chidori ran away and Hajime told Kacchon to chase her… even though Tenga-kun loves Takashiro!

Meanwhile, Mutsumi Urushibara decides to stop the experiment as it’ll cause irreparable damage towards the test subject. Unfortunately, Kazunao Yamada wants the experiment to continue as he’s expecting great results.

Honestly, Yamada-sensei shouldn’t just do the kabedon against Urushibara-sensei…

…because she might kick him in the pants. See, Yamada-sensei got a nasty blow in the crotch!

Then again, I feel that Urushibara-sensei might come a little bit late to stop the experiment.

Anyways, Kacchon finally caught up with Chidori and hugged her tightly, even though she didn’t want to but her heart said so!

However, Hajime Tenga suddenly punched Katsuhira as his heart couldn’t hold Hajime’s feelings for Chidori anymore.

Man, it’s escalating quickly at this point!

Also, here’s Nico Niyama as she wants to stop fighting, despite the fact that her heart wants to convey her feelings to Hajime Tenga at the cost of her friendship with the Kiznaivers.

So what’s going on here? Well, the Kizuna System has gone haywire that they’re starting to know about their deep thoughts.

But since they’re having a case of unrequited love (except for Hisomu), they’re experiencing sheer emotional pain that Kacchon thought that it was all his fault!

Well, I guess that the current Kiznaiver program is a failure. But then again, I feel that it’s not yet over for the Kiznaivers because summer vacation isn’t finished yet!

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2 Responses to Kiznaiver Episode #09

  1. Karandi says:

    Given the researchers themselves have admitted that they aren’t going to achieve their original purpose of world peace, it really makes you wonder what any of this was supposed to accomplish.

  2. madreceiver says:

    The scenes where they are all laying on the ground crippled by their, and the fellow Kiznaiver’s, pain was pretty intense and heartbreaking.

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