Macross Delta Episode #10

Hello everyone and I would like to point out that this guy is from the Epsilon Foundation in which they supported the Windermere Kingdom.

Also, this guy also provides upgrades in order to amplify Lord Heinz’s voice.

But these upgrades would make his health deteriorate faster, which Lord Roid Brehm is concerned about Heinz very much unlike Keith Aero and King Gramia Nerich Windermeme!

Meanwhile, today is the jellyfish festival at Ragna and while the planet was previously attacked by the Aerial Knights, life has returned to normal in time for some festivities!

On the other hand, Messer Ihlefeld will be transferred to the Alpha Squadron, and today will be the last time he’ll see Kaname Buccaneer and the rest of Delta Squadron. Will it be nice if he confessed his feelings, but Messer couldn’t do it as he wants to remain friends with Kaname.

Well then, glad that something peaceful happened in this episode!

But then, the Aerial Knights invade Al-Shahal once again as they found a Protoculture ruins on that planet.

Apart from the inhabitants being infected with Var Syndrome, the ruins is reacting from Heinz’s wailing voice!

In any case, it’s up to Walkure as they counter Lord Heinz’s melancholic song with their upbeat music!

Good idea for those girls to prove that idol music can save the galaxy instead of spreading hate!

Then again, Walkure’s song is also reacting to ruins just like last time in Voldor. However, it clashes with Heinz Nerich Windermere’s song that Mikumo Guynemer and Freyja Wion’s thoughts were connected towards the prince.

Unfortunately, it’s too much for Lord Heinz to handle telepathic communication, as he saw visions of Freyja’s village being burned down just before he collapsed.

Well, it’s stupid to continue singing when Heinz’s health is failing! I blame you Lord Keith and your father Gramia for letting Lord Heinz die for your cause!

Meanwhile, both Mikumo and Freyja fainted for connecting to Heinz’s memories where they saw the hole from Windermere.

By the way, I think Walkure should get away as fast as they can…

…because the Aerial Knights are dead set on wiping the entire idol group forever.

Even though they’re knights, sometimes they do barbaric things like aiming at a group who couldn’t fight back!

Not today though as Messer Ihlefeld came to the rescue despite not being part of the Delta Squadron anymore!

On the other hand, the Var Syndrome is starting to affect him again and so Messer asked Kaname to sing for him.

Well, Kaname agreed to sing until the Var Syndrome subsided within Messer’s body.

By the way, she’s singing “AXIA” which is Messer’s favorite song in Walkure’s discography. After all, that song saved his life back in Alfheim!

In any case, Messer Ihlefeld is riding with the wind right now as the Var Syndrome inside of him is dissipating!

Yeah, the Grim Reaper is back in action and he’s giving Keith Aero Windermere a run of his money!

Unfortunately, this is where the White Knight gets serious as he’s dead set on taking down the Delta Squadron’s ace!

Well, Keith meant it as he shot Messer Ihlefeld at the cockpit… Dead center!

Damn, the Delta Squadron has lost the ace in the hole!

Hell, even Hayate Immelman couldn’t believe it that Messer was killed. Of course, the person who’s more affected to his death is Kaname Buccaneer as she has feelings for Messer, but didn’t convey it until the end!

Gotta say everyone, things are getting grim and tough for the Delta Squadron unless someone like Hayate and Mirage can step it up to fill the void! In any case, Messer Ihlefeld will surely be missed…

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