Hundred Episode #10

Well, it seems that Wendy Velvet encountered something terrifying that she end up losing consciousness…

A Savage without a core! I have a feeling that it’s one of Vitaly Tynyanov’s experiments as she escapes from her laboratory without a trace.

By the way, nice to see Charlotte Dimandias again but it seems that she’s enjoying sweets brought by Hayato Kisaragi at his home country of Yamato.

Glad that she’s there but Charlotte won’t be the main focus on this week’s episode!

That’s because Little Garden will host their annual Garden Festa, which is basically their own version of the school festival but much grander in scale!

Also, Claudia Loetty is invited but it seems that she’s not aware that Emilia Gudenburg (or Hammett) is a boy in Little Garden named Emile Crossford.

Meanwhile, here are the Hunters as they’re having a feast in their room!

Glad that they’re okay, but it’s sucks that Nakri, Krovanh, and Nesat are in house arrest so they won’t be participating in the festivities.

Moving onto the Garden Festa where Emile- Wait, he’s wearing a maid uniform! Does it mean that his real identity as Emilia has been revealed?

Also, seems that Emilia’s chest is bigger than last time back in Episode 4. However, most of the staff told Hayato Kisaragi that her chest is stuffed with towels.

But then again, I don’t think Hayato is grasping towels as he’s actually groping Emilia Hammett’s tits.

I wonder if the Savage virus made her breasts bigger because goddammit, a new challenger has arrived to dethrone Claire Harvey!

Lastly, here’s Sakura Kirishima to close out the Garden Festa with a concert!

However, she has another guest performer that’ll join her. Who could that be perhaps?

Why it’s none other than Karen Kisaragi as she has a Hundred of her own called Divine Card. What a surprise there!

Even more surprising is that Karen’s Hundred can let her stand on her two feet and sing. She’s living the dream!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Hundred!

But then again, seems that Vitaly Tynyanov sneaked into Little Garden with a little bit of help from Wendy Velvet.

What could be if you may ask, kidnap Liza Harvey and/or plant her latest creation to the masses? Who knows…

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