Sansha Sanyou Episode #09

Oh look, it’s Shino Sonobe as she tells the class to wear school uniforms with aprons if they’re gonna do a curry cafe at the school festival.

That sounds like a great idea, but when did she get into this classroom anyway? Is Sonobe-san a maid ninja!?

Anyways, it’s time for the school festival as Teru and Futaba’s class are hosting a curry cafe of sorts.

Well, it’s Futaba’s idea to serve curry and while she wanted to cook the real thing, seems that the budget couldn’t make an authentic curry so they used instant curry mix instead!

But hey, it’s a hit among the visitors as Serina Nishiyama and Asako Kondou served them up.

I mean, they did something different than the usual maid cafe which they have omelet rice and coffee!

Now then, let’s move onto Yoko’s class when they’re doing a haunted house for this year’s festival.

Then again, I feel that something ominous is coming over there!

Yeah, I didn’t expect this hyper-realistic portrayal of a zombified Yoko Nishikawa! We creepypasta now!

It turns out that Sonobe-san did this hyper-realistic makeup for Yoko-sama. Gotta say, that scared the shit out of Futaba and Teru!

Well actually, Futaba Odagiri almost fainted as it turns out that she’s afraid of ghosts!

Hell, even Sasame Tsuji got scared of Yoko’s gruesome zombie makeup that it was censored. Yeah, they’re aware of that too!

Anyways, that’s the end of this week’s episode of Sansha Sanyou as the school festival has finally ended. I’m hoping that Yoko-sama would remove her makeup before going home!

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