Anne Happy Episode #10

This week’s episode will have the girls going on a vacation… because summer is here!

Then again, Botan Kumegawa couldn’t go outside and play in the sun! C’mon, she has a weak body.

But let’s start this week’s episode with a karaoke battle as Hibiki Hagyu shows her singing talent…

…even though nobody competes with her in the first place. Also, Anne Hanakoizumi couldn’t sing because her mic got faulty upon touching it.

Well actually, it’s Hanako-chan’s misfortune aura that made static noises on the microphone. God, what bad luck!

But hey, at least there’s Timothy and his rap that’ll stuck to your head for a long time.

Moving onto the summer festival but it seems that Hanako-chan can’t enjoy such nice things, like eating a chocolate-covered banana and candied apples!

Come to think of it, I think she needs some fortune from Ichiko Sakura… unless Anne Hanakoizumi’s bad luck aura is stronger that she’s in the same league as Touma Kamijou!

On the other hand, seems that both Hibiki and Hanako-chan got lost and went to their school as Hanako saw Timothy running around.

Then again, it could be a ghost lurking around Tennomifune Academy at night!

Oh, seems that both Hanako-chan and Hibiki caught up with the rest of the girls. Also, they’re continuing their search for Timothy as they hear his rapping…

…only to find out that they saw his body dismantled. Damn, who destroyed Timothy!?

Nevermind, Timothy’s legs started to walk on its own. Fuck, I never knew that Timothy’s mechanical body was possessed by a ghost!

Well, looks like the girls went up to the rooftop to get away from Timothy!

But since they went to the rooftop, something amazing happened…

…like seeing fireworks very clearly. Gotta say, it was beautiful for those girls to see it!

Then again, I wonder what happened to Timothy? Was it a ghost that possessed his body, which is impossible?

Or it seems that someone is controlling Timothy? I mean, this girl right here is holding Timothy’s head!

In any case, we’ll find out on the next episode.

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