Kuromukuro Episode #10

Heath Kingsley and Carrie Dunham. These two people are from the United Nations’s Extraterrestrial Research Bureau who wanted to ask questions…

…at Frontier Reform Officer Fusnarnie from Efidolg’s Gezon-Reco Squad.

Sadly, he won’t answer most of the questions like the hinge stones and such, but he’s interested in Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma!

Speaking of Kennosuke, he wants to meet him and ask questions on why they attacked the Washiba Clan and captured Princess Yukihime 450 years ago.

Then again, Marina Unami sees it as a love confession. Really Unami-sensei, it’s not what you think because it’s complicated!

On the other hand, both Carrie Dunham and Heath Kingsley questioned Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma in regards to the appearance of so-called demons and they’re skeptical about his statement. I mean, both UN agents suspects Kennosuke of being an Efidolg soldier being sent to Earth as a sleeper agent, which he doesn’t know such things.

Also, Kennosuke said that he saw Princess Yukihime being captured by a masked demon before passing out. But when he woke up, Kennosuke saw the princess again where she offered him to fight against the demons with the stolen Glongur.

I have to say, the fact that Princess Yukihime was captured only to find out that she’s helping Kennosuke was the most confusing part of his story. Did the princess got away from the captors and stole the Glongur, or the Yukihime that Kennosuke-dono saw was actually a clone of the original?

Meanwhile, here’s Ryouto Akagi as he wants to become a GAUS pilot. Oh, and he plays an arcade game as one of his training regimen.

But you know what, Akagi should stay home and have a normal life because Ryouto (and Jundai Kayahara should he becomes his support) would get killed easily! I mean, both Sophie Noël and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma are somewhat special, all while Yukina Shirahane got dragged into Kennosuke’s mess in the first place!

The bottom line is that Ryouto Akagi has no talent to fight against Efidolg. Even if he trains hard, the chances of him getting killed is pretty high!

Anyways, let’s end this episode as Fusnarnie escaped from UN security personnel and look how this Efidolg officer snapped this soldier’s neck!

Also, Fusnarnie can call his geoframe Lion and move on its own. What could be worse if this Efidolg frontier officer managed to kidnap Yukina Shirahane?

Oh wait, I can see it coming on the next episode!

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