Big Order Episode #09

Looks like the Group of Ten are ready to storm Gennai’s castle and beat him before he commenced the second Great Destruction!

Alas, it might be too little too late as Gennai Hoshimiya killed all five shrine priestesses to finish up the reverse pentagram.

Meanwhile, here’s Gennai Hoshimiya as he told his daughter Sena that he’s planning to open the gate in order to make everyone have Orders and create parallel worlds using their wishes.

Also, Gennai told Sena that she’s the trigger of the Great Destruction in the first place. But you know what, Gennai made the destruction happened and he’s doing it again now that the conditions are finally met!

However, there are a few people who wanted to stop Gennai’s plans like Rin Kurenai.

Don’t know why she’s helping Sena out, but Rin still wants to kill Eiji Hoshimiya right after halting Gennai!

Not this time though as Rin Kurenai was knocked away by Gennai’s Order and fell down.

That’s sucks, and I feel that her Rebirth Fire won’t work in this dire situation!

Meanwhile, Eiji Hoshimiya has arrived even though Iyo and Yoshitsune Hiiragi forbid him to see Gennai. Speaking of Iyo, I wonder if she got impregnated by Eiji or he backed out because Eiji’s not ready?

With that said, Eiji is here to rescue his precious sister, despite the fact that it was actually a trap!

Oh wait, it really is a trap. Looks like Rin Kurenai won’t like this!

Fuck, I have to wait for a week to end this suffering that is Big Order!

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  1. Karandi says:

    The whole killing the last two miko’s was such a let down. They just rushed over it and it’s like, oh they’re dead now. What was the point of sending someone to protect them? It wasn’t like they accomplished anything and it wasn’t even a cool fight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

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