Mayoiga Episode #11

Oh look, it’s the bus driver! I thought that he disappeared afterwards but it seems that the driver is alive and saw his dead daughter Misato.

Also, seems that the bus driver forgives Misato for neglecting her, which is great because it turns out that the driver is accepting his Nanaki!

On the other hand, the bus driver saw Reiji-kun and told him to get out of Nanakimura.

Once more, it turns out that Reiji is actually Masaki’s Nanaki, which means that her friend is actually dead and became one of Masaki’s psychological scars!

Meanwhile back in Nanakimura, it’s getting worse for the tour participants as Valkana saw most of them not caring about their lives anymore.

This is bad as almost all of the have lost their Nanaki, meaning that they’ll never get their chance of confronting their scars!

Well, it turned into a worst situation as they’re being attacked with fire arrows. Who’s doing it perhaps?

Why it’s none other than Hyouketsu no Judgeness and Jack as they were ordered by their boss Koharun to burn everyone.

Yeah, they’re taking the opportunity to kill a bunch of apathetic people to make their boss happy!

Speaking of Koharun, she found Speedstar (or Hayato) and talk to him about Masaki being with Mitsumune, just to manipulate Hayato into committing various acts such as murder!

Also, Koharun is interested in Hayato’s Nanaki as it’s growing in size. I have a bad feeling that she’ll use his Nanaki to trample everyone!

Outside of Nanakimura, Yottsun and Mitsumune returned there to rescue Masaki and countless others who are not insane. However, neither Yottsun nor Mitsumune couldn’t see the village as it turns out that once you accepted your Nanaki, you can never return to Nanakimura ever again.

Actually, only the bus driver and Yottsun fully-accepted their Nanaki while Mitsumune didn’t accept it wholeheartedly yet so there’s still a chance for him to return to Nanakimura.

One more thing, I would like to correct something as instead of two Buddhist priests that Yottsun saw when I talk about him in last week’s episode, it was actually his two musically-gifted parents so I apologize for the error.

Fortunately, hope as arrived in the form of a bus, the same one that drove straight to Nanakimura in the first place!

Oh look, it’s the bus driver as he managed to escaped Nanakimura… only for Mitsumune telling him to go back to the village and rescue Masaki.

C’mon, he can’t just walk towards the village by himself so Mitsumune needs some help!

So yeah, the bus driver agreed to send Mitsumune back to Nanakimura. However, there’s a problem upon returning to the lost village…

Since both Yottsun and the bus driver already accepted their Nanaki, there’s no need for them to return to the village.

Thus, it’s up to Mitsumune on driving the bus back to Nanakimura. Great idea there on taking him the wheel in this situation…

That’s because Masaki was caught by Lovepon and Mikage, and they’re about to kill her since she’s the one that cause this trip upside-down even though Koharun did it in the first place!

Unfortunately for both Lovepon and Mikage, Mitsumune ran onto them as he finally returned to Nanakimura.

Don’t know if he accidentally hit Masaki because it’ll be bad, but this is just the beginning of something far more terrible…

Like this giant Nanaki which I believe that it belonged to Hayato. Then again, I could be wrong though as this Nanaki looked different!

Anyways, next episode will be the last one and let’s hope that there would be a silver lining at the end of Diomedia’s original series!

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