High School Fleet Episode #10

Today’s episode will be a breather as the Harekaze crew are staging the Equator Festival while their ship is being repaired.

C’mon, the girls need some rest and relaxation for once before taking on the battleship Musashi and rescue the crew!

Of course, this Equator Festival won’t be possible without Maron Yanagiwara’s enthusiasm as she proposed it in the first place. Yeah, she’s enjoying this moment!

On the other hand, here’s Maron’s friend (and one of Mashiro Munetani’s fan) Hiromi “Kuro” Kuroki as she competes in a sumo match against Capt. Akeno Misaki.

And as you can see, Kuro-chan defeated Mike easily!

But you know what, there’s no hard feeling between these two competitors as Capt. Misaki and Kuroki become friends after the match.

Besides, everyone in the Harekaze crew is considered part of the family!

One last thing, here’s Dr. Minami Kaburagi as she revealed that her age is actually 12 years old, which is not surprising considering that she’s a genius who got a master’s degree at a young age. But for the rest of the crew, it was a shocker to them!

Well then, that’ll be the end of the Equator Festival as the next episode will set into high gear for more drama. After all, the Blue Mermaids and the Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School are preparing for a major operation of eradicating the virus once and for all!

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