Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #09

Well, it seems that the Kotetsujou crew has arrived in Kongoukaku together with Biba Amatori and the Liberators.

Unfortunately, this is the time where Ikoma tells everyone that Biba is a person you should run away because he’s dangerous. Oh, and he’s worried that Mumei might be in trouble…

…like opening up the gate for letting the Liberators’ iron train in, even though the authorities at Kongoukaku forbid them to do so.

Sadly though, it’s too little too late as Mumei finally opened the gate. Mission accomplished!

But the results is pretty much terrifying. So remember what I told you on the last episode that Biba-sama stored countless Kabanes in the iron train? Well, here they are!

Yeah, I smell a bloodbath coming up in Kongoukaku…

With that said, Biba Amatori couldn’t keep his secrets anymore as he declares war on the shogunate by tasting his own medicine, all while making a world where the strong survive.

I mean look at him, Biba just stab a guard’s neck right away!

Oh, and he throws a dart onto Yukina’s chest. While she’s alive however, Yukina was taken hostage together with Ayame-sama.

Meanwhile, there’s still chaos in Kongoukaku as the Liberators murder countless of bushis because they’re weak.

The Liberators don’t care if the bushis fighting against the Kabane as they’re nothing more than dead weight!

On the other hand, here’s Horobi as she’s being injected by Biba-sama to make her stronger.

And you know what it came from? It’s actually from the giant Kabane core that was stored in the train.

Also, this special fluid can make a Kabaneri like Horobi turned into a Black Smoke that screams Colossal Titan!

See, Horobi even destroyed the wall. However, there’s a drawback to this as she’ll lose herself and become a Kabane, specifically a Wazatori!

Meanwhile, here’s Kurusu as he rescues both Ayame-sama and Yukina from the Liberators. Glad that he came at the right time!

Unfortunately, Kurusu fell down and it’s sucks to see him go… or came back wrong as a Kabane, which I don’t want to see it happen!

Finally, here’s Horobi as she stopped her rampage upon seeing Biba-sama.

And look, she regained her humanity as Horobi smiled at her master. I guess she’ll be useful again now that Horobi can control herself!

Then again, this is how Biba Amatori responds to Horobi. How ungrateful that he killed Horobi without any shed of remorse!

Well everyone, looks like the situation has gone worse now that the Liberators are getting ready to topple the shogunate while the Kotetsujou crew got caught in Biba Amatori’s ambition.

As for Mumei, I think she should stick to Ikoma and Ayame-sama now that Biba showed his true colors!

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