Kiznaiver Episode #10

Well, it looks like summer vacation is over after last week’s episode, so therefore the Kiznaiver program is a failure and the Sugomori City officials want it shut down for good!

So yeah, all of the Kiznaivers returned to their normal lives including Hajime Tenga. Then again, old problems still remains such as unrequited love…

This includes Chidori Takashiro as she’s still bitter that Katsuhira Agata chose Noriko Sonozaki over her. Hell, even Tenga-kun felt the same way as Takashiro even though they’re not connected with the Kizuna System.

But look at this way, if they continue to restrain their true feelings and move on regardless of the results, the emotional scars will hurt them even more until it’ll claim their lives. C’mon, Hajime Tenga confessing to Chidori Takashiro while he expects a rejection from Takashiro won’t easily solve their problems!

On the other hand, it seems that Nico Niyama is starting to make friends with Katsuhira Agata and Yoshiharu Hisomu, after experiencing that gut-wrenching pain of unrequited love from last week’s episode.

Of course, there’s one person missing and that’s Noriko Sonozaki as she disappeared after the Kiznaiver program was over.

Therefore, Kacchon asked Mutsumi Urushibara on where Nori-chan is. While Urushibara-sensei told Katsuhira-kun that Nori-chan is fine, she also told Kacchon plus Nico and Yoshiharu that Noriko’s participation with the program is far depressing that you’ve imagined.

While the Kizuna System is designed to distribute the pain to everyone else once a person got hurt, there’s a fatal flaw to that system during the program’s early years as Urushibara explained that one person is receiving all the pain from the participants including Katsuhira. That person is none other than Noriko Sonozaki as receiving so much pain from the rest of the Kiznaivers that she’s taking their feelings and senses away from them.

Hence, Nori-chan made a vow to Kacchon that she’ll bring back his pain because Sonozaki stole it! But what about the rest of the Kiznaivers from 12 years ago?

Well, this is where Mutsumi Urushibara arranged Katsuhira Agata on reuniting with the Kiznaivers from 12 years ago.

Their reunion however wasn’t heartwarming to begin, with as most of them couldn’t express their emotions nor feel any sensations at all when they met Kacchon.

Yeah, this is what happens when Noriko Sonozaki siphoned all of their feelings towards her!

So yeah, this is the most heart-breaking reunion that Katsuhira experienced in his life. On the other hand, he’s feeling more more sadness than last time, which means that Kacchon is starting to regain his emotions.

Whether Katsuhira will lose those emotions again remains to be seen, but I’m hoping that there’s a miracle ahead on the next episode!

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