Hundred Episode #11

Well everyone, they’re having a festival at Little Garden and while the crowd enjoyed a duet performance of Sakura Kirishima and Karen Kisaragi, little did they know that there’s something terrible will happen at the floating island…

One example was this stray mechanical bee which was transformed from a Roomba.

Fortunately, Liddy Steinberg managed to capture the bee but it seems that it has something that’ll blow her away!

Literally blow Liddy and the countless bystanders away as the mechanical bee has an explosive inside its body, which would go off without warning!

And who made such dastardly things? Why it’s none other than Vitaly Tynyanov who turned harmless vacuum robots into exploding insects!

Speaking of Vitaly, she also brought her latest core-less Savages called Replicant to Little Garden.

Hell, even Claudia Loetty couldn’t believe that she’s fighting an artificial Savage sent by the mad doctor herself! But where’s Vitaly Tynyanov?

Well, she went to pick up the Hunters that were locked up in the room. I’ll be laughing their ass out if Vitaly Tynyanov killed them once they’re outlived their usefulness!

Oh and by the way, this is Mei-Mei and Charlotte Dimandias’ robotic assistant couldn’t stop Dr. Tynyanov.

Anyways, the next episode will be the final battle! Can Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossford save Little Garden, or will the floating city sank and drown innocent people? We’ll find that out for next week!

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