Macross Delta Episode #11

Well, seems that Heinz Nerich Windermere couldn’t get off his mind of Freyja Wion’s vision back in Episode 10.

Good thing Roid Brehm is with Heinz’s side as he’s worried on the prince’s failing health.

Back in Ragna, the Delta Squadron are mourning over Messer Ihlefeld’s death. Also, it turns out that Keith Aero Windermere shot the Grim Reaper in the heart, which is horrifying to some as Windermereans can aim better especially the White Knight.

But let’s go back to somber things as the squadron sends Messer’s soul off towards the sea via a model airplane. According to Chuck Mustang, those who were deceased like Messer Ihlefeld will be reincarnated into jellyfishes. Well, no jellyfish ramen for the crew!

But anyways, the Delta Squadron will try to get back into shape, which means there would be reinforcements coming up as well as getting harsh training for both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius.

After all, the Windermere Kingdom won’t wait for Hayate and Mirage if they can’t keep up against the Aerial Knights!

Speaking of Windermere, King Gramia Nerich Windermeme will be in charge of the whole army as they’ll conquer Al-Shahal and use the Protoculture ruins to control its inhabitants.

One more thing, seems that Berger from the Epsilon Foundation has finally ressurect the ship named Sigur Valens, which will be used for the invasion of Al-Shahal.

Gotta say, it’ll be a bloodbath for next week’s episode!

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