Sansha Sanyou Episode #10

On this episode, Christmas is around the corner and the girls are excited to eat chicken and celebrate!

Then again, a few people like Mitsugu Yamaji are worried that Yoko Nishikawa won’t have any gift because she’s poor.

On the other hand, December 25 is also the day that a certain person will have a birthday party…

I’m talking about Teru Hayama’s birthday and as you can see, it’s depressing to witness a sweet little devil like Teru celebrating her birthday while Christmas was frozen over in despair.

Well kids who expects presents from Santa Claus, blame Teru-chan for ruining Christmas!

Yeah, this revelation hits Serina Nishiyama very hard that she’ll rather eat curry in Christmas Day, much to Asako Kondou’s charging as she’s looking forward to eat cake on that day!

Still, that doesn’t deter both Futaba Odagiri and Yoko Nishikawa as they made a surprise to Teru-chan!

Then again, seems that Teru Hayama got startled a lot as if she’s threatened at gunpoint. Silly Teru, but hey it’s her birthday in Christmas Day!

Oh, and let’s add Happy New Year to this episode as Futaba and Teru stayed at Yoko’s apartment and enjoy eating mochi!

On the other hand, there’s Shino Sonobe as she record it much to Yamaji’s annoyance.

Therefore, Sonobe got towed away… and her camera’s SD card got wiped out too by Yamaji!

So much for her precious moments caught on her camcorder, but that’s about it for this week’s episode of Sansha Sanyou!

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