Anne Happy Episode #11

Hey everyone, second semester is here as Class 7 will be heading outside and conduct studies there. Sadly, there’s no Timothy to guide them though…

But hey, these Mini-Timothys will do it in his stead. Much cuter than the original Timothy!

Anyways, the happiness class will be doing arts and crafts, as well as exploring the forest as part of their curriculum. The forest part will come later though…

On the other hand, Anne Hanakoizumi made a cute Timothy wood figure during their carving class!

However, seems that Timothy’s head blasted off once Hanako-chan touched it?

Well, I couldn’t say more about Anne’s unlucky aura level is OVER 9000! *breaks scouter*

Meanwhile, here’s Ren Ekoda and I’m asking you right now if you’re looking forward for some shipping with Hibiki Hagyu. If yes, expect Ren feeding Hibiki-chan!

Nah, I’m pulling your leg as Ren Ekoda ate it to troll Hibiki Hagyu up. So much for Hibiki expecting intimate moments with her childhood friend!

Oh yeah, and about the forest exploration part on this episode? Well, it’s coming right up…

…as Kodaira-sensei announced a game where the whole class must get away from their teacher, all while finding their wood carvings along the way.

Oh, and you think that their homeroom teacher will become the only “it” on this game? Not quite!

Because it turns out, Timothy is back in which he sports a Dendrobium Orchis-like aircraft. However, his sight is limited as Timothy couldn’t see anywhere but below him!

On the other hand, I wonder what happened to that girl from last week’s episode?

Anyways, will Hanako-chan and her friends make it out alive on the final episode? Also, enjoy Timothy’s unsettling face that’ll give you nightmares!

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