Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Sukari and he’s now working with the Liberators now. What a bastard he is… or is it?

Well it turns out, Sukari is working behind the Liberators’ back as he gave Ikoma and the rest of the Kotetsujou crew the amount of information to break out and revolt against Biba’s men.

Yeah, I can swallow that but Sukari is still a bit of a scumbag for betraying them!

Meanwhile, Biba-sama heard about the commotion outside so he ordered Mumei to kill everyone, including Ikoma.

Naturally, Mumei refused to do it since the Kotetsujou crew did more to her than Biba-sama.

However, Biba has many ways to force Mumei into obeying him. Yeah, this is the time where he crossed the moral line as Biba controlled Mumei by drugging her!

Back in the action for both Ikoma and Takumi as they’re getting closer to the engine room.

But there’s a problem as the keys they stole didn’t match. Don’t tell me that someone did a switcheroo just like the time where Yukina swapped the master key and gave the wrong one to Mumei?

Why it’s none other than Biba Amatori as he expects Ikoma and the rest of the Kotetsujou crew on staging a revolt.

Hmm, I have a feeling that Sukari is in cahoots with the Liberators all along!

Also, Biba shot Takumi in the chest. Damn, this is horrible but there’s much worse than this one!

That’s because Mumei killed Ikoma all thanks to Biba’s brainwashing techniques. No, this is not a fluke by the way as she stabbed Ikoma towards the heart!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s sad to say that Ikoma has died as he fell off to the ocean! Fuck Biba Amatori!

Now then, I’m worried about Ayame-sama and the Kotetsujou crew now that both Kurusu and Ikoma are gone as the Liberators are heading towards the shogunate capital!

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