Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #11

Anyways, this is Alley Cats’ second attempt as they’ll capture a smaller fort with a little help from Wallenstein.

Led by Bats, Wallenstein is one of the top guilds in Legendary Age and the Alley Cats making a pact with them would be beneficial!

But then again, some of the members like Ako and Sette are treated like decoys. Well actually, Wallenstein treated Alley Cats as nothing but dead weight!

And as it turns out, Bats and Wallenstein planned to capture the fort after the Alley Cats got it first.

Damn, what a nasty backstab move from one of the best guilds in Legendary Age! Poor Nekohime-sama…

Well everyone, I knew that the alliance with Wallenstein is detrimental to the Alley Cats.

But you know what, there’s a week left before the siege wars ends so there’s still time for Hide- I mean Lucian and the rest of the Alley Cats to capture another fort. But it’s gonna be a tough battle ahead!

First off, let’s recruit Nekohime’s Royal Guards as they’re salty that their goddess has been slain!

Well, their attempt to capture a fort end up in failure as the Royal Guard got beaten afterwards. But yeah, they hated someone who sullied Nekohime-sama!

Also, how about making an alliance with TMW? I mean, they’re one of the best guilds in LA even though they’re having a hard time holding off a rival guild. Then again, Mr. Black Wizard doesn’t mind about it as he give Apricot a helping hand in the closing stages of the event!

Anyways, it’s crunch time next week as the Alley Cats will have a rematch against Wallenstein!

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