Big Order Episode #10

Hey guys, it’s the final episode and I have to tell you that it was Sena Hoshimiya who caused the Great Destruction 10 years ago. No surprises there!

However, it was later found out that Eiji stole Sena’s memories using his own Order called Illegal Digger. So not only he stole Sena’s Bind Dominator, but he blamed the cause of the Great Destruction in the first place. What a fucking idiot!

But anyways, it’s over for Eiji Hoshimiya as he got stabbed by his sister and he’s about to go down towards the abyss. That sucks for him though…

Just kidding, it turns out that Rin Kurenai not only revive herself using her Order, but also patch Eiji’s body up and telling him not to give up!

Yeah, what a change of heart for Rin after learning the truth about the Great Destruction. Of course, my concern is whether it’s too late for Eiji to stop Gennai’s plan or there’s still hope for him?

Meanwhile, Gennai Hoshimiya confronted Yoshitsune Hiiragi and the rest of Dazaifu’s Group of Ten as they tried to stop Eiji’s father from opening the gate towards the Mental World.

By the way, nice having that monochrome look on this last episode, Asread!

However, there’s Abraham Louis Franc as he froze them with his Chronographic Caliber. Yeah, Franc is a bastard for siding with Gennai!

I think he should grab Sena-chan and get out of the facility, but Abraham Louis Franc didn’t do it because of reasons!

Fortunately, Eiji Hoshimiya and Rin Kurenai came to the rescue as they combined their Orders to make a powerful one.

For some reason, I think Eiji should have Bind Dominator in the first place instead of stealing it from Sena-chan because it’s the most versatile Order, with modular parts being attached to Bind Dominator such as Rebirth Fire and Divination.

Also, here’s a punch delivered to Gennai Hoshimiya as Eiji had enough of his alternate world bullshit and decided to save Sena-chan right now.

This is the only time I praise Eiji for standing up against his asshole father!

Meanwhile, Ayahito Sundan used his Order to send a bullet towards Abraham’s head. By the way, there’s a limit to Franc’s Chronographic Caliber as he can only stop 3 people.

But yes, that limitation caused Abraham Louis Franc to get killed via a teleported headshot!

And since Franc is dead, his Order’s powers is deactivated!

That gives Mari Kunou ample amount of time to shoot Gennai in the chest using her Order!

And yes, Mari delivered as Gennai Hoshimiya goes down! So much for him witnessing his dream coming into fruition…

Of course, it’s not over yet as the gate is still open!

And look, a giant hand has come out of the gate where Orders are useless against it!

Basically, this is a manifestation of God from the Mental World where its omniscience can nullify powers.

Yeah, there’s nothing they can do now as they wait for the inevitable. Even Rin Kurenai and Sena Hoshimiya are scared of what happens next!

On the other hand, there’s Daisy as she gives Eiji a chance to make his last wish before the Great Destruction happens in a few minutes!

But you know what, Eiji Hoshimiya wishes a world where his sister Sena-chan will be happy instead of being sick all the time. Let’s not forget about the time he had sex with Sena-chan back in Episode 5!

Oh and he’s not wishing for creating myriad of worlds for Sena’s sake, Eiji is gonna fix this current world…

…by dominating the manifestation of the Mental World until it crumbles! Yeah, it works and the world is save thanks to Eiji Hoshimiya!

So everyone, are you still gonna talk shit about him destroying the world?

But anyways, Big Order is over and not only the world avoided another Great Destruction, but Sena-chan isn’t sick anymore and most of the characters lost their Orders including Eiji!

Well, I’m done with this trainwreck and I blame Kadokawa for truncating Big Order to just 10 episodes, leaving us with a rushed experience upon watching it. I guess it all comes to promoting the source material instead of the adaptation.

Now then, I’ll have to wait for the Blu-rays so I can see uncensored stuff!

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    What was with the whole monochrome look? It didn’t make all that much sense.

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