Mayoiga Episode #12

Hey guys, it’s the final episode and as it turns out, that giant Nanaki belongs to Hayato and it seems that he has Mitsumune’s Nanaki as a hostage!

Yeah, how far can this yandere go to control Mitsumune?

But you know what, Mitsumune has gone tired of Hayato’s control as he wanted to stand up on his own and help him out!

Well, that declaration from Hayato’s only friend affected him very much that his Nanaki got out of control…

…and drop both Mitsumune and Masaki down. They’re fine by the way, but there’s no time to stand around as they must get the hell out together with Mikage and Lovepon!

Also, Mitsumune grabbed Hayato while Masaki pushed them away from the giant Nanaki. I mean, they don’t want Speedstar being left behind!

Meanwhile, here’s Koharun as she’s trying to screw Hayato up, but failed to completely control him unfortunately!

Also, seems that she grabbed Mitsumune’s walkie-talkie for some reason…

…where Koharun heard Dr. Kamiyama’s voice and recognized it. Oh yeah and get a load of this, Haruomi Kamiyama is actually Koharun’s dad! Damn, what a surprise there!

In any case, it was revealed that Koharun went to Nanakimura so she can find her father’s Nanaki, even if she screwing up the tour participants by amplifying their scars and such.

But you know what, Koharun doesn’t need to do great lengths just to get Dr. Kamiyama’s Nanaki back as it won’t return no matter how hard she tries. Also, Kamiyama accepts his current state anyway.

Now back to the action as Mitsumune, Hayato, and Masaki tripped upon entering the tunnel. Talk about bad timing here!

However, it seems that Hayato has decided to take on his Nanaki head-on.

Despite his yandere tendencies, I salute his bravery for confronting his psychological scars!

Anyways, Hayato disappeared together with his Nanaki. Well, I guess that he accepted it!

Also, Reiji has arrived in which Masaki was delighted to see him!

However, he told her the truth as Reiji is actually Masaki’s imaginary friend. Yeah, that was also surprising but it seems that Reiji urged Masaki to accept him because he’s a Nanaki and he won’t be at her side much longer.

Well, that doesn’t take Masaki well regarding Reiji’s eventual disappearance as she ran away.

Hey Mitsumune, go and get Masaki before something bad will happen to her!

Good thing he managed to catch up with her, but it seems that Mitsumune saw something together with Masaki…

A cute brown fuzzyball wearing Masaki’s hairclip. By the way, it’s actually one of Mitsumune’s Nanaki where it represents his urge to find Masaki.

However, it looks like this cute Nanaki will disappear soon as Mitsumune has finally found Masaki already!

Now back at Nanakimura as Mikage and Lovepon returned there only to be greeted by everyone lazying around.

Damn, they gave up everything unless Reiji told them to get out of the village before he disappears!

On the other hand, Nanko and Valkana managed to stop both Hyouketsu no Judgeness and Jack before they burn everyone with fire.

Oh yeah and about their decision to leave Nanakimura, there’s a split on those who want to stay or return to civilization. I mean, some of them like Valkana and Lion wanted to stay in Nanakimura. But you know what, we’ll find out later…

For now, let’s focus on Masaki as she gave the Nanaki to Mitsumune. It seems that she’s going to accept her own Nanaki and face the harsh reality outside Nanakimura.

With that said, Masaki is gone and it won’t be long till Mitsumune disappears from the village too.

But with that said, that’s about it for Mayoiga as nobody died surprisingly enough! However, I feel that Tsutomu Mizushima, Mari Okada, and the Diomedia staff should have made this series better from the start as Mayoiga has potential to be a great thriller, yet it went with a whimper instead.

Still, Mayoiga is somewhat better than Big Order because this show is starting to get interesting like the characters’ backstories, as well as the mystery surrounding the village itself where it explained the various monsters in relation to their trauma.

But now, let’s move onto the rest of the cast as some of them like Valkana, Jack, Lion, and even Koharun decided to stay at Nanakimura.

While there’s uncertainty on whether their identity will be gone upon staying in the village, Koharun will find ways to keep it! Of course, we’ll never know…

On the other hand, most of the tour participants decided to leave the village, but only a few of them have conquered their scars such as Hayato, Masaki, and Mitsumune.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the bus driver too as he accepted his Nanaki back in Ep. 11!

Well then, it’s time for me to leave Nanakimura and the whole anime series that is Mayoiga. Thanks for sticking in on Diomedia’s original series!

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