High School Fleet Episode #11

Well, it’s time for the main operation to stop the battleship Musashi before it does more harm not only in Japan, but the whole world should the ship spread its hatred virus!

On the other hand, there’s Capt. Akeno Misaki as she’s worried that the Harekaze crew might get hurt or being killed off if the situation gets worse!

Anyways, Operation Perseus has begun as the battleship Musashi has engaged with the Blue Mermaids!

As for the Blue Mermaids, they’re prepared for this should the battleship crossed the mainland.

But even though they have the advantage in terms of ship numbers, the Blue Mermaids couldn’t cripple the Musashi and instead taking damage as the battleship has more ammo as well as electronic disturbances!

Meanwhile at the Musashi, Capt. Moeka China is comforting her her remaining crew as they’re bracing for impact. Whether they’ll get rescued or succumbed to the virus is up in the air…

But you know what, Mike-chan and the Harekaze crew will save them somehow!

Speaking of the Harekaze, seems that Deputy Captain Mashiro Munetani snapped Capt. Misaki out of her misery and told her that she’s not alone!

I mean, everyone is ready to take on the Musashi and they’re now waiting for the captain’s orders. But thanks to Shiro-chan shaking the captain up to her senses, Mike-chan is determined to rescue Moka-chan and the rest of the Musashi crew no matter what!

One last thing, Principal Mayuki Munetani is preparing for a last resort as she’ll launch the warship that’s famous for taking out a hostile fleet on its own: The Tomoe Gozen.

Anyways, see you next week for the finale of High School Fleet!

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