Kiznaiver Episode #11

Well, here’s a flashback to start this penultimate episode as young Noriko Sonozaki got a bunch of kids to play and share the pain together.

Alas, it was a horrible experience for Nori-chan as while she suffered much, the rest of the kids lost their emotions and pain!

Meanwhile, here’s Katsuhira Agata as he talk to the rest of the Kiznaivers about his experience of meeting his old friends. As expected, it was a painful one as Kacchon told them that they can’t feel anything as if they’re dolls.

Also, it seems that their experience with the Kizuna System has made them into buddies with each other, which they can’t believe it even though they couldn’t connect anymore.

But you know what, even though Kacchon has friends now, he can’t feel anything other than sadness as Agata couldn’t share it with everybody.

However, it seems that everyone is feeling Katsuhira’s pain. Well actually, it was their own pain but it appears that they understand Kacchon’s suffering. With that said, Katsuhira Agata couldn’t bear the pain anymore and passed out!

On the other hand, Noriko Sonozaki met her old friends and they couldn’t express anything… except for one who called her name.

That moment sparked Nori-chan to continue the Kiznaiver program in order to bring back their emotions, even though the supporters are backing out and starting to condemn the experiment.

Yeah, this is bad for the whole Sugomori City as the outside world might learn about the program’s existence!

Of course, seems that Nori-chan has one thing left to do: Capture the whole city and get connected with everyone by force!

I have to say, connecting all of Sugumori’s inhabitants would be fatal for Sonozaki!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the final episode as the Kiznaivers has one mission left… and that’s rescuing Noriko Sonozaki before something terrible will happen!

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