The Asterisk War Episode #24

Anyways, here’s the final episode and while Ophelia Landlufen and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld were best friends back in the day, it turns out that Ophelia was taken by an eccentric genius from Arlequint Academy who made her into the most powerful artificial Genestella ever.

Yeah, it was sad that Ophelia was turned into a monster by a mad scientist! But that’ll be saved for future seasons…

For now, it’s time to bring Gustave Marlowe down as he tries to assassinate both Princess Julis and Ayato Amagiri in order not to join Claudia Enfield’s team in the Gryps Festa.

Oh, and he summoned Hydra as it was supposed to attacked the orphanage, but decided to attack both Julis and Ayato instead as they’re at the scene already!

Would it be worse if Gustave send the Hydra and slaughter all the kids there? That’ll make Julis fuming mad!

Fortunately, both Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou are there backing Ayato and Julis up.

So while Kirin-chan is busy searching for Gustave Marlowe, Saya will provide fire support against the Hydra!

Let’s not forget about Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld though as she doesn’t want her country being terrorized by a monster!

In any case, time for Ayato and his friends to slay the Hydra and save Lieseltania. Honestly, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation don’t care about protecting the puppet state as long as they earn a profit!

But yes, Gustave Marlowe’s summoned beast has been slain and I wonder if that old bastard got away scot-free?

Well, Kirin Toudou has that answer as she caught Gustave Marlowe red-handed. There’s no escape from him now!

See, just a tap from Kirin’s sword will knock Gustave down.

Now that Gustave Marlowe has been captured, let’s find out who’s responsible for sending this assassin to disrupt Claudia’s plans.

Well it turns out that it was her father Nicolas who send Gustave Marlowe in Lieseltania, so that Claudia would reconsider of joining the Gryps Festa. Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect Claudia Enfield’s decision as she’ll compete in the next tournament anyway.

But you know what, it wasn’t her father who threatened her ambitions as there’s Claudia’s mother Isabella, who sees Claudia as a threat to Galaxy’s influence. C’mon, Isabella was reconditioned to lose her emotions in favor of gaining profits.

Anyways, looks like Ayato Amagiri and his friends are done in Lieseltania as they say good-bye to King Jolbert Riessfeld.

Oh and as for Princess Julis’ decision regarding the Gryps Festa? Well, her answer doesn’t change as Julis will join Claudia’s team and made a promise to her brother that she’ll change their country for the better!

By the way, it seems that Julis’ engagement with Ayato Amagiri will be put on hold for now.

On the other hand, Madiath Mesa has decided to show Haruka Amagiri to Ayato after returning to Asterisk City.

Why the sudden change of heart anyway, does Madiath has any plans for Ayato Amagiri? I guess we’ll never know…

One last thing, here’s the introduction of Hilda Jane Rowlands as she offers Ayato Amagiri to “cure” Haruka-san.

Fortunately, Ayato refused Hilda’s offer for now as it was revealed that she’s responsible for altering Ophelia Landlufen’s body into the most powerful Strega ever. Then again, the Magnum Opus will be saved for future seasons!

For now, it’s the end of The Asterisk War as Team Enfield is finally formed in time for the Gryps Festa!

I have to say that the second half is slightly better than the first half, which was aired in October 2015. While A-1 Pictures did a decent job on adapting the novels, I feel that they won’t make another season for the time being.

In any case, it’s time for me to leave the floating academy city of Asterisk. See ya Ayato Amagiri and good luck in Gryps Festa!

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