Macross Delta Episode #12

Well, looks like the Delta Squadron got beaten to the punch as Capt. Ernest Johnson delivered the bad news that Al-Shahal has fallen within a few minutes!

And look, all of its inhabitants have easily succumbed to the Var Syndrome thanks to Lord Heinz Nerich Windermere, which is alarming because Ragna is next on their invasion list.

On the other hand, one representative of the New United Nations suggests to blow up the Protoculture ruins since Windermere is interested on getting it.

Of course, Capt. Johnson disagree with that suggestion as bombing the ruins might cause irreparable damages to the planet’s ecosystem. Hell, it might even cause a large crater similar to Windermere!

Well, too late for that though as the NUNS already plant explosives on the ruins. Might as well prepare to evacuate the civilians out of Ragna!

Meanwhile, Hayate Immelman talks about his pendant given by his father, who is a NUNS soldier by the way.

Also, he talks to Freyja Wion that her singing gives him wings. But you know what, Hayate will eventually choose Mirage Farina Jenius as his love interest unless Shoji Kawamori screw us otherwise.

Speaking of Mirage, she’s promoted to First Lieutenant and she goes by her new call-sign as “Delta 2”. Still, Mirage has that inferiority complex as she’s not as talented as the rest of the Delta Squadron.

Well then, might as well take some notes from Messer Ihlefeld in regards to her mistakes during missions and stuff, or ask Hayate Immelman for advice on how to fly better!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week as the Macross Elysion are heading to Al-Shahal for Operation Einherjar, which they’ll reclaim the planet from Windermere’s control.

However, seems that the kingdom has other plans as they’re gonna invade Ragna while the Macross Elysion are away from that planet. Sneaky bastards!

One more thing, it turns out that King Gramia Nerich Windermeme was trained in fleet command by Capt. Ernest Johnson. Then again, Gramia is such as stubborn student who only believes in chivalry, which is ironic consider that they don’t do knightly things such as staging an ambush.

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