Sansha Sanyou Episode #11

Oh look, it’s Beelzebub and it looks like Teru Hayama’s cat has healed her wrist with its paw!

You know, it would be nice if Bel touched my wrist and get healed with it…

Meanwhile, here’s Hajime Tsuji as he gloats about his victory against Futaba Odagiri even though she got booted out from the steakhouse!

Also, Hajime met Yoko Nishikawa but it seems that he can’t remember her last name, let alone say it right. While it’s no big deal for him meeting Yoko-sama…

For Sasame Tsuji however, it was treated as a serious matter that she’s jealous of her idiot brother!

By the way, Sasame barely made any progress with her friendship towards Yoko Nishikawa. Basically, they’re just acquaintances.

Oh yeah, and Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s gonna be a busy day at Little Garden!

While Yoko and Futaba are ready to serve customers, where’s Teru-chan?

Oh, she’s wearing a new maid uniform that’s even cuter than the last one!

Also, did you know that Shino Sonobe made this uniform for two straight days without any sleep? Damn, that’s dedication right here!

One last thing, here’s Serina Nishiyama working at Little Garden as usual.

Actually, Sonobe-san blackmailed Nishiyama to work at her store or she might send compromising pictures of Serina, which I doubt it’ll happen on this Manga Time Kirara title!

Anyways, there’s one more episode to go before closing this series out.

Also, seems that Mitsugu Yamaji is enjoying Yoko-sama’s handmade chocolate truffles. Even though it looked like charcoal, it’s the effort and love that counts!

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