Hundred Episode #12

Well I have to say, those Hunters are good and triggering traps so that their boss Vitaly Tynyanov can get pass through. See, she’s treating them like tools!

Of course, Mei-Mei doesn’t allow the likes of Krovahn, Nakri, and Nesat being used as expendables as she fires back at Dr. Tynyanov. It doesn’t work though, but at least Mei-Mei rescued the Hunters!

Meanwhile, here’ Judar Harvey as he expects Vitaly on getting Liza. Unfortunately though, Dr. Tynyanov’s attacks on Little Garden actually benefited him in the end.

Speaking of Judar, he actually used and throw Vitaly Tynyanov away in order to push forward his grandest scheme. We’re not sure what it is though, but it seems that Judar Harvey is winning!

Yeah, that doesn’t take well for Vitaly Tynyanov as she pump lead onto Judar. Yeah, nothing like a woman got scorned by a bastard like Judar Harvey!

Unfortunately, seems that Liza Harvey has woken up thanks to both Sakura Kirishima and Karen Kisaragi’s singing, which she blocks Vitaly’s shots before Judar kill the mad doctor in the gut.

In any case, Vitaly Tynyanov is down! On the other hand, it looks like Judar Harvey could be the biggest antagonist yet, but we’re not gonna got further with that unfortunately…

Meanwhile, both Sakura Kirishima and Karen Kisaragi are singing in order to cancel the noise that’s producing from the Replicants. By the way, the Replicants are designed to counter Slayers with a screeching sound!

But thanks to Sakura and Karen-chan, most of the Slayers like Hayato can stand up now and fight.

Oh yeah, and he’s in full-body armament now as Hayato delivers the final blow…

…against the giant Replicant. Unfortunately, Hayato only knocked it down so the battle isn’t over yet!

On the other hand, here’s Krovahn as he’ll try to make up for his idiocy on siding with Vitaly Tynyanov, who is already dead after Judar Harvey shot her earlier!

However, things have gone worse for him as Krovahn got electrocuted much like what happened to Nakri earlier.

This prompted Nesat to use her eye and trace the Replicant in order to avenge Krovahn. Unfortunately, it turned into a worst situation in Little Garden…

Yes, Nesat destroyed the giant Replicant, but she’s gone berserk afterwards.

If anyone couldn’t stop Nesat, she might blow up the floating island to smithereens if her body couldn’t contain the amount of energy!

That’s where Hayato Kisaragi comes to the rescue as he was told by Liza to save Nesat who is inside the Replicant.

Well yes, it’s better than killing her off as both Krovahn and Nakri will be mad for letting their sister die!

But anyways, it’s time for Hayato to tell Nesat that she and her siblings are free and he wants to make friends with them!

Gotta say, Hayato’s speech has made Nesat cry with joy. Friendship conquers all, everyone!

And so, Hayato Kisaragi rescued Nesat and the crisis at Little Garden is over. Everyone is safe and that’s what counts!

Oh yeah, both Krovahn and Nakri are safe and they thanked Hayato for rescuing Nesat. But you know what, these Hunters will be welcomed in Little Garden in no time!

Yeah, this includes Nesat where she’s smiling after that rescue. Of course, there are a few people like Judar Harvey who wanted to use them for their hidden agenda.

Lastly, Liza Harvey has decided to say good-bye to Claire as she’s going back to sleep.

Would it be nice if she woke up permanently after hearing Sakura and Karen’s majestic voice? But nope, she goes back to her slumber in order to power up Little Garden again!

With that being said, Hundred is finally over as the Garden Festa has finished with a display of fireworks! Those who survived this generic harem anime, well congratulations ’cause I have nothing to give you nor talk about how this series worked out in the end. I mean, this series is made to promote the source material nowadays!

On the other hand, here’s Emile Crossford kissing Hayato Kisaragi even though they might get seen by everybody!

Welp, too late now as everyone saw both of them kissing in the lips including Claudia Loetty. Yeah, it’s weird that guys are kissing each other until Emile pointed out that he’s a girl named Emilia Ham- I mean Gudenberg!

Everyone, the cat is out of the bag now but there’s one person who doesn’t like both Hayato and Emilia getting flirty with each other…

I’m talking about Claire Harvey as she’s gonna blast them away! Sucks that she’s second priority to Hayato’s love interest unless he’s oblivious to it!

Well everyone, it’s the end of Hundred and I’ll see you next time for another anime adaptation by Production IMS… if you can take the censorship when watching Masou Gakuen HxH that is!

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