Anne Happy Episode #12

This is the grand finale of Anne Happy and it seems that Hibiki Hagyu is being chased by a scorned Kodaira-sensei!

But then, Hagyu tripped and was captured by her demon homeroom teacher. Well, even though Hibiki ain’t have the unlucky aura like Hanakoizumi, this one hits her hard!

Meanwhile, here’s Ren Ekoda and while she’s being protected by a flock of female animals, Ren found one of the wood carvings which belonged to Botan Kumegawa.

Yeah, isn’t it great that Ren’s admirers are giving her food and shelter?

Unfortunately, they couldn’t protect Ekoda against Timothy and his Dendrobium craft! Looks like Ren Ekoda didn’t become the WOMAN OF DESTINY!

Oh yeah, here’s Botan Kumegawa as she’s crawling her way because walking is tiring for her.

Too bad as she got bumped by a tree. But hey, at least she found Hibiki Hagyu’s wood carving so it’s a plus there!

Speaking of Hibiki, she was caged together with Ren Ekoda since both Kodaira-sensei and Timothy captured them.

However, it looks like there’s some backup in the form of Ren’s female animal friends, ready to protect her at any time while Ren and Hibiki make their escape!

Finally, here’s Anne Hanakoizumi as she found her own cute Timothy wood statue at the top of the tree.

However, she lost her four-leaf clover hairpin upon getting her wood carving. Well, this could be a disaster waiting to happen…

Screw the waiting, it’s happening as Hanako-chan’s misfortune aura is kicking into high gear!

Oh yeah, and both Hanako-chan and Ruri Hibarigaoka fell down as the ground crumbles.

Good thing Hibari-chan grabbed Hanako’s hand but she won’t last longer though…

Never mind that as Botan-chan managed to grab Hibarigaoka’s feet, but I don’t thing she’ll pull them up right away because of her weak body. Hell, Botan got leg cramps at a bad time!

Scratch what I’ve said earlier as Ren and Hibiki hold Botan’s legs. I hope they pull all three up!

Never mind, it’s impossible to do because of Anne’s misfortunes. I guess it’s the end for those girls!

Not until Hibari-chan saw an emergency whistle, which is the only way to get out of this sticky situation!

Well, time for Hanako-chan to blow that whistle, hoping for someone to rescue them.

And what did you know, it turns out that Kodaira-sensei came to the rescue…

…with the help from Timothy of course as the robot bunny was used as a stepping stone for Kodaira-sensei, just to grab all the girls and jump towards the cliff!

But yes, all of the girls are safe but then again, it’s considered a tag as Kodaira-sensei got the whole team unfortunately!

Basically, Hanako-chan and her friends will be camping outside. What misfortune!

On the other hand, they got a chance to take a dip at a local hot spring as the girls got all of their wood carvings.

Yeah, better than having none of it because all of their hard work finding their wood statues would be nothing!

One last thing, seems that Anne Hanakoizumi found her “lucky” hairpin. Great, now her misfortune aura will be sealed for the time being!

And that’s it for Anne Happy as the girls have a great time at their field trip, even though the whole area is covered by a massive wall!

Gotta say that it was a cute and enjoyable series to watch, especially when SILVER LINK animate Anne Happy from beginning till end. While this series won’t have a sequel, I feel that I want to have one…

…especially when this mysterious girl shows up, which turned out to be the one controlling Timothy and its mini-clones.

Anyways, that’s the end of this series. See ya Anne Hanakoizumi and company!

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