Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #11

Well everyone, it’s doom and gloom on this penultimate episode as both Takumi and Ikoma died last week!

On the other hand, seems that Biba Amatori is gonna turn Mumei into another Black Smoke just like Horobi. Yeah, just contain your anger for once!

Meanwhile, there’s a surprising development as Ikoma is somewhat alive after being stabbed and fell down.

However, he’s fuckin’ scared as he lost Takumi and Mumei is gonna kill him again!

Also, there’s Kurusu as he survived after the events from Episode 9. However, he’s angry that Ikoma lost his motivation and courage to save the Kotetsujou crew after chickening out.

Um Ikoma, you’ll regret it should you don’t act fast on saving Mumei as she’ll become a Black Smoke later!

By the way, this is the scientist (or alchemist) who’s responsible for making artificial Kabaneri in the first place.

Also, he wants to see Mumei’s Nue transformation at Kongoukaku. However, this guy has the white plasma that reverses the transformation process, as well as the black blood that turns a Kabaneri into a Black Smoke. I wonder if the black blood can turn Ikoma into a Colossal Titan-like creature?

Speaking of Kongoukaku, the Kotetsujou crew have arrived there and they somewhat captured Biba Amatori and the Liberators.

Just kidding, it’s all part of Biba’s plan to kill the Shogun.

By the way, this is the Shogun where he cast Biba away because of fear. Yes, it was fear that he did such a horrible thing to his son and this is gonna bite him hard!

After all, this is part of Biba Amatori’s plan of vengeance as it turns out, that wakizashi that was given to his father was spiked with Kabane blood…

Which means that the Shogun has turned into a Kabane and everyone panicked as they shoot him in either the face or the heart. Yeah, this is what Biba wanted!

But then again, the Shogun is just a pushover as Biba Amatori killed him. However, it’s not yet over for him though…

Murdering the Shogun was just the appetizer of his revenge, bringing chaos at Kongoukaku by turning allies against each other all while sending Kabane at the capital is the main course.

Basically, Biba Amatori doesn’t care about making a world where the strong survives, he wants everyone killing each other while watching from a distance. What a foolish bastard he was!

One last thing, looks like Ikoma will go to Kongoukaku after learning that Mumei will die upon transforming into a Black Smoke.

Apart from cutting his own hair, Ikoma rigged his pile bunker onto his severed right arm. Yeah, he’s getting that Evil Dead vibes there!

Also, he grabs the black blood to inject himself and turn into something horrible. Some say that it works with female Kabaneri…

But it seems that the scientist is impressed to what he’s seeing, even though it’ll lose Ikoma’s life faster like a burning candle that’s about to go out!

Anyways, final episode next week as Ikoma heads to Kongoukaku. We don’t know whether he’ll survive and regain his humanity or not after killing Biba is up in the air.

Also, whether Ikoma succeed or fail in saving Mumei will be determined on the last episode!

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