Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s the last episode as the Alley Cats plus Nekohime’s Royal Guards are ready for their final push!

By the way, seems that the Black Wizard just help them with their training last week. Also, Sette got a GI where she launch a rocket punch towards an opposing guild!

With that said, the Alley Cats/Nekohime’s Royal Guards alliance have easily taken the fort from the lesser-known guild called the Penguin Army.

Of course, this is where the real battle starts…

…as Wallenstein returned to reclaim their fort. Then again, they don’t care about defending their land as Bats and their merry friends will abandon it afterwards, which is a damn shame really!

But anyways, Wallenstein are here to stomp Alley Cats and the Royal Guards. Nekohime would be very angry seeing her fans die left and right!

Now then, the only thing that Apricot and company do now is to hold off the enemy until the timer runs out.

Unfortunately, the likes of Lucian are struggling to stop Wallenstein’s advances, even though they’re throwing at them including the kitchen sink! On the other hand, what happened to Apricot?

Oh, seems that Apricot is spamming refresh potions to hold Bats at bay.

Of course, it’s hard to earn lots of potions… unless Apricot sold some old items and equipment in order to stock large amounts of potions for this crucial moment. Gotta say, Kyou Goshouin is winning the game with money!

One more thing, Ako-chan has decided to contribute towards her guild… by becoming a meat shield!

Well played by Ako as she protected Master Apricot from the deadly stun. Don’t worry Ako, your sacrifice won’t be in vain…

…as Alley Cats successfully defended their fort against Wallenstein.

I mean look at Bats, he was burned out after relentlessly attacking Apricot while using refresh potions every time!

With that said, the Net Game Club made their biggest achievement as they survive and won a guild war. Oh, and it’s a great time to celebrate their accomplishment…

…as the club shows their results to everyone during the school festival. Great job!

Anyways, this is the end of Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? as Hideki Nishimura and the rest of the Net Game Club enjoyed the festivities at Maegasaki High School. Then again, we’re not gonna see how far Ako Tamaki has changed as she still treats Nishimura as her husband just like in Legendary Age!

Speaking of Ako, looks like she’s gonna kiss Luci- I mean Hideki in the lips as a reward. Yeah, this is unexpected!

Nah, what kiss are you talking about? There’s none at the end of this series as the Net Game Club interrupted it!

Oh well, that’s about it for the Net Game Club!

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