Strike the Blood OVA Episode #02

Here’s Asagi Aiba and while she’s somewhat out of the loop in regards to Kojou Akatsuki’s involvement with the Aldegyr Kingdom and its political crisis, I think Asagi will get involved on stopping the terrorists eventually!

Meanwhile, here’s Yukina Himeragi and La Folia Rihavein all gagged up and chained. Yeah, you’ll get turned on by it especially La Folia, but you’ll be disappointed that there’s no nudity on this episode!

By the way, this is Trine Halden who’s not only responsible for controlling Kojou Akatsuki, but she plans to bring chaos between the Warlord’s Domain and the Aldegyr Kingdom by destroying the peace treaty conference.

Well, it was a petty (but hefty) demand for this bitch!

So, the first thing that Trine and her men do is to hijack the airship Bifrost, which contained unmanned mecha called Bergelmir as well as a special one named Aurgelmir.

Of course, the Bifrost won’t move unless a member from the Aldegyr royal family activated the airship.

That’s where La Folia comes in as she activate Bifrost because she has a grudge against the Warlord’s Domain.

Well actually, it was a lie as La Folia has a plan to not only get out of the airship with Yukina, but to prevent the terrorists from interrupting the peace process!

Meanwhile, here’s Astarte as she’s using Rhododactylos to destroy the drones.

Yeah, she’s useful on these situations as countless Bergelmir drones are popping up every time!

On the other hand, here’s Asagi-chan as she’s finally involved on stopping the terrorists with her hacking powers. See, I told you that she’ll wind up cleaning Trine’s mess!

Of course, Asagi Aiba isn’t alone on hacking the airship…

…as she got some assistance form Motoki Nase. Yeah, remember the guy who always a bro to Kojou-kun?

With that said, nice seeing Motoki-kun doing the dirty work unnoticed.

Now back to what’s important as the Kingdom of Aldegyr and the Warlord’s Domain are currently signing the peace treaty as we speak.

However, it seems that a cruise missile being fired from the Bifrost will a factor if this would spark a war should it hits…

…or explode in mid-air as seen here in order for the treaty to be signed and accepted by both parties.

But then again, the latter already happened and it looks like Trine Halden’s plans got ruined!

However, she still has Kojou Akatsuki in her control as he’ll summon Regulus Aurum.

But not until Yukina Himeragi hugged Kojou-kun and it seems that her sweaty body snapped the Fourth Progenitor back to his senses.

Well, it turns out that it was all part of La Folia’s plan as Yukina’s sweat can counter Trine’s pheromones!

But enough explanation, time for Kojou to sink his teeth onto Yukina again. Yeah, I get that a lot!

Of course, Trine Halden couldn’t believe it that a seductress like her was beaten by a young girl! So, Trine went into Beast Mode…

…and activate the special drone mecha Aurgelmir. This is gonna be a fight for Kojou Akatsuki!

Nah, it’s gonna be their fight anyway thanks to Yukina Himeragi. The only time that she didn’t interrupt Kojou’s fight was the time he confronted Aya Tokoyogi back in the TV series.

But you know what, time to end this battle as Yukina slay Trine Halden…

…while Kojou Akatsuki used Regulus Aurum to defeat Aurgelmir, which sent shockwaves across the airship.

I have a feeling that the Fourth Progenitor put too much power that he destroyed the Bifrost!

But in any case, both Trine Halden and the Aurgelmir are defeated, and the terrorists’ plot to disrupt the peace treaty has been thwarted all thanks to Yukina Himeragi and Kojou Akatsuki!

Now that the peace treaty has been signed at Itogami Island, it’s time for the Aldegyr royal family to return to their homeland.

Also, the Queen of Aldegyr is saying good-bye to Kanon-chan and told her to come to their Kingdom in the future. How sweet!

For the King of Aldegyr however, he won’t accept Kojou Akatsuki on marrying his daughter La Folia.

Man, he’s so overprotective just like any doting dad! Too bad though as his wife allowed Kojou to marry La Folia once she’s ready… in bed of course!

One last thing, here’s Yukina-chan as she’s gone tsun-tsun towards Kojou-sempai. I mean, she’s worried that Akatsuki did something towards Trine Halden… in bed!

But anyways, that’s the end of Strike the Blood OVA series as the Valkyrie Kingdom mini-arc has come to a close. Then again, there’s still more to come for Kojou Akatsuki’s adventure with more OVA episodes so it’s a good thing!

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