Kiznaiver Episode #12

Oh look, it’s those two bullies who got dragged into the Kiznaiver program back in Episode 4! I thought Yoshikawa and Kamaishi’s roles are done after Episode 5?

Also, seems that they got scars into their chest as Yoshikawa demonstrates. But then again, it’s just for show as they got beat up by Hajime Tenga!

Anyways, time for Mutsumi Urushibara and Katsuhira Agata to save Noriko Sonozaki from connecting with everybody and reenacting the scene where she’ll jumped from a tall structure.

Oh yeah, as for Nori-chan siphoning everyone’s emotions and senses when she connects all of Sugomori City’s inhabitants, it turns out that Noriko’s desire to connect and share pain comes from her loneliness when Nori-chan was a little child.

I have to say that I feel bad for Sonozaki for being a lonely girl, but the past is the past…

This is the present as Urushibara-sensei and Kacchon climbed towards the bridge.

It’s an uphill battle for Katsuhira-kun on rescuing Nori-chan, so let’s hope that it won’t go downhill from there!

Now then, Kacchon finally caught Nori-chan and he told her to let go of everyone’s emotions including his own.

Also, Katsuhira told Noriko that he loves her not just because of the Kizuna System, but because Kacchon has feelings for Nori-chan for a long time. Well, I guess Chidori Takashiro is friend-zoned confirmed!

Speaking of Takashiro, Chidori and the rest of the Kiznaivers came to the bridge to support Kacchon and stop Nori-chan’s plans.

Although they’re not connected by the Kizuna System, they become best buddies through thick and thin over the course of this series. Hell, even Honoka Maki admits that she became friends with the Kiznaivers after surviving countless challenges!

In any case, it looks like Noriko’s Kizuna system is reacting after hearing Kacchon’s speech.

So was Katsuhira too as his Kizuna System is also reacting. I guess this situation is beyond the system’s control!

So before it turned into a fatal one, Katsuhira grabs Noriko but not before bumping their heads.

Yeah, it hurts when two people accidentally headbutt each other!

Then again, both Nori-chan and Kacchon fell towards the river and that’s the end for both of them!

Just kidding, Noriko Sonozaki and Katsuhira Agata are alive after taking a plunge.

And not only that, but it seems that Katsuhira’s emotions have returned. See, he’s smiling while having a nosebleed!

And there you have it, the crisis in Sugomori City is over and now it’s time for the epilogue. I mean, we wanna see whose Kiznaiver will pair up with on the final episode!

Let’s start with Honoka Maki as she’s interested on dating Tsuguhito Yuta. Then again, she wants to make Yuta-kun as a chubby guy!

However, it doesn’t stop Tsuguhito from skipping a beat and having his face beet red. Don’t take it seriously, Yuta-kun!

Also, the pairing of Chidori Takashiro and Hajime Tenga has finally become official. Better than having Takashiro forever alone!

On the other hand, there’s Nico Niyama as while she’s still jealous that Chidori is somewhat dating Tenga-kun, Nico-chan wants her beloved to be happy with Takashiro.

One more thing, Yoshiharu Hisomu doesn’t need any intimate relationship because he’s a masochist!

Meanwhile, the previous Kiznaiver program participants are starting to regain their emotions, pain, and even senses after Sonozaki let it go.

On the other hand, the Kiznaiver program is terminated and both Mutsumi Urushibara and Kazunao Yamada will have to spend their remaining time rehabilitating the participants.

Yeah, it’s a good thing that the likes of Pon-chan, Yuki, and Asuka are returning to their normal lives with the help from Urushibara and Yamada. It’ll be a long process, but it’s better than nothing!

Lastly, here’s Katsuhira Agata and Noriko Sonozaki getting a bit flirty even though they’re covered with bandages.

Yeah, something that Chidori won’t even allow such indecent things. Oh c’mon Takashiro, let Kacchon have fun with Nori-chan in bed… not the sexual kind of course!

But that’s it for Kiznaiver and kudos to Studio Trigger for making another great series! While the visuals and the soundtrack are great, the story is intriguing to follow as it builds up the emotional factor from beginning till its proper conclusion. I guess this is one of Mari Okada’s melodramatic traits when writing Kiznaiver.

The bottom line is that this is a must-watch show from Studio Trigger, even though some of you are accustomed to watching Kill La Kill or Ninja Slayer!

Anyways, let’s end this post with a wonderful smile from Noriko Sonozaki! Isn’t she sweet?

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