High School Fleet Episode #12

Here’s Isoroku and Tamonmaru as these two cats are ready to engage the battleship Musashi and rescue its crew!

By the way, Mayuki Munetani won’t use the Tomoe Gozen anymore as Capt. Akeno Misaki assures the principal that they’ll stop Musashi from crossing into the mainland.

So first off, the Harekaze launched a full salvo of torpedoes coupled with a barrage of cannon fire at the battleship’s stern!

The Musashi got hit significantly, but the battleship will retaliate with its big guns at the Harekaze.

Yeah, the Harekaze got a nasty blow that rock the destroyer from the surface!

On the other hand, Capt. Misaki almost fell down but her deputy captain Mashiro Munetani caught her.

C’mon, who want Mike-chan getting hurt? Nobody!

However, things aren’t looking good for the Harekaze as it sustained damage due to heavy shelling from the Musashi.

I mean, Momo Aoki and Hime Wazumi are busy extinguishing fire…

…while Maron Yanagiwara and the rest of the engine department are stopping water leaks here and there.

Glad that the girls are all hands on deck in these critical situations, otherwise this ship will be sinking right now!

Meanwhile, the Harekaze received some reinforcements such as the Hiei, the Admiral Graf Spee, and one of the Blue Mermaid vessels called the Tenjin…

…which is captained by instructor Kaoru Furushou. Yes, she’s returned for duty in order to redeem herself for shooting at the Harekaze crew!

Speaking of the Admiral Spee, Deputy Captain Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingelner Friedeburg has returned together Captain Thea Kreutzer for the final battle!

In any case, time for some payback against the Musashi!

So their plan for the Harekaze is to get closer to Musashi in order for its crew members to raid the battleship.

While the reinforcements make a distraction against the Musashi, Shima Tateishi and Mei Irizaki tries something different…

…like firing a rocket at the battleship even though the Musashi has thick armor!

Then again, the rocket is used to make a smokescreen at the battleship, so that the Harekaze would get near to them undetected.

Problem is that the Harekaze’s rudder got stuck up after Rin Shiretoko steer it hard!

So, they came up with an ingenious solution: Deploy a parachute to not only counter the steering…

…but to stabilize the ship so it won’t topple over. And yes, it works!

Now the only thing that the Harekaze do now is to get closer to the Musashi, so that Mike-chan and her company will board the battleship and cure all the crew members there!

Yeah, Capt. Misaki’s comrades will take care of the Musashi crew as she proceeds to the bridge!

C’mon, her childhood friend Moeka China is waiting to be saved as she’s desperately removing the barricade!

And look, seems that Moka-chan let Mike-chan in for a heartwarming reunion! Isn’t it sweet?

With that said, Capt. Akeno Misaki has finally rescued Moeka China. As for the rest of the Musashi crew, they were cured by Dr. Minami Kaburagi’s antidote.

Well I have to say, Operation Perseus was a success!

And now, it’s time for the Harekaze crew to return to Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School for a heroines’ welcome party!

For Principal Mayuki Munetani, she’s proud that Capt. Akeno Misaki and her crew-mates accomplish impossible tasks such as rescuing a shopping vessel, as well as saving both the Admiral Graf Spee and the Musashi from spreading its hate virus across the globe.

Well, looks like the girls are freaking tired after a long journey at see. From being branded as mutineers to becoming heroes, they sure deserved some rest and relaxation…

…except for the destroyer Harekaze, as it she suffered major damage that it’s starting to sink into the sea.

It’s unfortunately, but this ship has served Capt. Akeno Misaki and her crew-mates well!

And look, Mike-chan is giving the Harekaze a big salute for her service throughout the course of this series. We’ll surely miss this destroyer!

And that my friends is the end of High School Fleet. This show caught me off-guard from being a slice-of-life anime initially into a full-blown war drama series with some bits of slice-of-life there.

While Haifuri is such a great series to watch, it’s sucks that we’ll never know what happened to Abyss in which that company is responsible for making the hate virus in the first place. I guess we’ll never know if their research on the laboratory submarine was part of their grand scheme of world domination.

In any case, let’s give Capt. Akeno Misaki and the rest of the Harekaze crew a thank you salute for their service throughout the course of this series. They deserve it!

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