Macross Delta Episode #13

Well, it looks like King Gramia Nerich Windermere’s strategy of invading the planet Ragna while the Delta Squadron are away have paid off, with the Aerial Knights inching closer to the Protoculture ruins and the whole Brisingr Cluster.

Unfortunately, the New United Nations have some other plans as they decides to plant a reaction bomb at the ruins so they won’t get anything… at the cost of civilian casualties.

Yeah, they don’t care about civilians as long as the NUNS don’t give the enemy what they wanted!

And there it goes as the reaction bomb blows up without warning. Expect no survivors from this nuclear-size explosion!

This includes Hayate Immelman as he’s gonna get killed by the incoming nuclear blast, should Hayate slowed down a bit or the engine blew up!

Well, seems that Hayate’s VF-31 Siegfried got wrecked so he’s a goner, right? Not really!

As you can see, Mirage Farina Jenius grabbed Hayate Immelman before something bad happened to him.

I salute you Mirage, but you’re flying by the book so loosen up next time!

On the other hand, Freyja Wion couldn’t stand the Hayate/Mirage shipping. Sorry Freyja-chan, but you’ll be Hayate’s muse for life ’cause you can’t have a relationship!

By the way, this is the aftermath upon blasting the ruins with a reaction bomb. Instead of completely destroying the Protoculture ruins, it resurfaced which is what Windermere wanted.

Nice job giving the ruins to the enemy, New United Nations. Unless they’re making a conspiracy about it, I blame the New United Nations for fucking it up!

Meanwhile, here’s Bogue Con-Vaart acting like a douchebag as he attacks the Walkure because their songs are irritating!

Really, I’m not surprised there as he can’t appreciate idol music!

Anyways, Bogue fires at Walkure and he succeeds. What a bastard!

Then again, Walkure got minor injuries so they can still sing. Sorry Bogue Con-Vaart, but you should have fired a thicker beam!

While Walkure are getting themselves back together after Bogue’s botched attack, here’s Hayate Immelman as he’s piloting a spare VF-31 Siegfried…

….which belong to the deceased ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld. Yeah, he’s starting to become like Hikaru Ichijou for the most part!

With Hayate back in the skies, Freyja jumps into action and sing the opening theme!

I have to say that Freyja Wion shines when there’s danger ahead.

Also, Hayate Immelman’s pendant is reacting to Freyja’s voice. I mean, he can feel that Hayate is closer to Freyja Wion as they ride together even though they’re just friends!

Meanwhile, the Ragnans are calming themselves down after hearing Walkure’s music as well as watching Freyja’s panties… or should I say drawers!

But what do you guys think, is Freyja Wion wearing cute undies or something else entirely?

As for Freyja though, she was caught by Mirage Farina Jenius ’cause who wants an idol free-falling towards her demise!

Also, here’s Capt. Ernest Johnson as he’s not gonna let Gramia do what he pleases. After all, Gramia Nerich Windermere VI is 10 years too early to beat his teacher!

Therefore, the captain of the Macross Elysion brought out the big guns… literally!

And here’s the result as Macross Elysion’s cannon pod made a precise shot at the Sigur Valens’ bridge.

Well King Gramia, you shouldn’t raise your hand against your teacher when Ernest Johnson wrecked you!

Finally, let’s not forget about Keith Aero Windermere as he’s being chased down by Hayate Immelman.

Oh, and Hayate is riding with the wind as we speak thanks to Freyja Wion!

But thanks to Freyja’s song, Hayate Immelman shot down the White Knight.

While some say that it’s a fluke thanks to Freyja Wion’s song, I believe that Hayate Immelman will surpass Messer Ihlefeld and become the next Grim Reaper should he improves his skills!

On the other hand, Keith Aero Windermere is still alive but he’ll have to lick his wounds after that humiliating defeat.

Oh well, the battle is over anyway as the Delta Squadron and the Ragnan population escaped from being controlled by the Var Syndrome.

Yes, it’s sucks that Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja will have to leave their home planet because of these circumstances.

Also, this is one of the best episodes in Macross Delta so far! Still, there’s the second half coming up next month as the Windermere Kingdom have finally conquered Ragna.

Too bad though as King Gramia Nerich Windermere VI have died due to injuries. Long live the king of Windermere!

So with King Gramia’s untimely death, Lord Roid Brehm will take command of the whole Windermere forces. Of course, I’m worried that he’ll be manipulated by the Epsilon Foundation as they want to wage a meaningless war for profit!

Anyways, next month will be the start of the second half! By the way, this is where the Sigur Valens docks with the Protoculture ruins at Ragna.

Of course, the problem lies with Heinz Nerich Windermere’s failing health as he might not have the strength to sing again… unless Berger suggested Lord Roid to kidnap Freyja Wion as Heinz’s replacement!

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