Sansha Sanyou Episode #12

Hmm, seems that Futaba Odagiri and Teru Hayama looked different on this last episode! I must be dreaming…

Also, Serina Nishiyama isn’t her usual self apart from wearing glasses. C’mon, it must be a dream!

Heck, even Asako Kondou act like a tough girl on this week’s episode, lecturing Teru and stuff!

One last thing, here’s Mitsugu Yamaji as a teacher. I mean, there’s no way he could have a teaching license because as far as I know, Yamaji do oddjobs to pay for his rent and support Yoko-sama!

But the biggest one is Shino Sonobe, who became a sexy teacher on this extended dream sequence!

There’s no damn way for Sonobe-san to have big boobs and a slender figure!

See, it’s a just a dream… and it belonged to Sonobe-san in fact!

Well, I’m glad that it’s all back to normal on the finale! But wait, there’s more…

Let’s start with the return of Sakura Usuda, as she’s sporting a new hair-style that’s fitting for her idol aspirations!

Then again, her singing is somewhat off-tone unlike the monotonous one from Kou Hayama.

Still, I think Sakura-chan should take some singing lessons before joining an idol agency!

On the other hand, Yoko Nishikawa is doing her usual job at Little Garden. Yoko-sama feels that she’s becoming a professional!

But it seems that Yoko Nishikawa froze a bit when she saw her old friend Sei Osakabe. Man, I wonder what happened to Yoko’s other friend Nonoka Sekiguchi?

Anyways, Yoko-sama acted normally after seeing Sei Osakabe, from giving her recommendations to selling off the desired product.

And after that ordeal, Yoko-sama faints! Damn, must been a shocker to her after seeing her rich friends for a long time!

At least Sei Osakabe didn’t just say bad things to her, but it’s sucks that Nonoka Sekiguchi didn’t return though.

Moving onto the next scene as- Wait, is this another dream from Shino Sonobe?

Just kidding, this is reality as Futaba Odagiri becomes a sweet girl for once. Her girly personality doesn’t suit her to be honest!

But that’s until Hajime Tsuji challenged Futaba Odagiri to another eating contest, yet for some reason Futaba declined his offer…

Just kidding, she lost her girly personality and went back to her gluttonous self.

Also, Hajime Tsuji lost again and he’s feeling salty after losing to Futaba-chan!

Oh yeah, here’s Kou Hayama giving the trio a bottle of her homemade fruit juice, which makes their skin more shiny than ever upon drinking it.

Of course, there are side-effects such as nausea but at least they didn’t go straight to the afterlife!

One last thing, Yu Takezono has returned and he delivers the news that Yoko’s father is now working at his father’s company.

That’s great, but Yu-kun won’t marry Yoko Nishikawa just because her father has a decent job!

Also, Sakura Usuda wants to marry Yu Takezono even though he doesn’t want to… That’s sucks for him, and I hope he could stand to Sakura’s terrible singing!

And there you have it, the final episode of Sansha Sanyou as the girls take their lunch at their usual place. On the other hand, Yoko-sama is still eating bread crumbs!

Well then, it was a good anime show and thanks to Dogakobo for animating an old Manga Time Kirara series. I’m gonna miss Teru-cha, Yoko-sama, and Futaba!

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